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What are the uses of calcium?

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* component in lead alloys used in bearings

* makes up and keeps bones,teeth,shells,and leaves strong

* reducing agent or dehydrating agent in organic chemistry

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What is the uses of calcium?

calcium is found in milk

What are things your body uses calcium for?

Your body uses calcium to help kepp strong bones and teeth. These are just a couple of the things that your body uses calcium for!

What uses does calcium have?

you can find calcium in your bones and teeth

What are some uses for calcium?

Its in milk....

Were There Any Ancient Uses For Calcium?


What are the uses of calcium carbonate?

Calcium Carbonate can be found in Indigestion tablets, so I guess one of this alkali's uses is to neutralise the stomach.

What are the uses of calcium nitrate?

fertilizers and diseases!!

What are some of calcium common uses?


What are the everyday uses of calcium?

bones in your body

What are some outdated uses of the mineral calcium?

Calcium per se does not have many uses I can think of. Old uses of calcium minerals include "limelight' made by playing a flame on limestone. Whitewash made from reduced limestone is much less common than it used to be.

List two uses of calcium?

Calcium can be used in dairy products such as milk, or the calcium in the bones of humans, and animals. Calcium can be used in dairy products such as milk, or the calcium in the bones of humans, and animals.

Important uses of calcium?

it can reduce the risk of cancer

What are the uses for calcium carbonate?

It's a diatary supplement taking when the amount of calcium intake in the diet is insufficient.

What are the uses for calcium chloride?

there are a lot of things that you can do with calcium chloride. For a detailed list, you can check the link below.

Does calcium hydroxide share electrons or transfer electrons?

Calcium Hydroxide uses ionic bonding to share electons.

What are the uses of calcium hydroxide?

See the detailed link below.

What are the uses of calcium chloride tube?

calccum chloide tube

What is uses of calcium?

it helps develope strong bones and teeth

How do you get rid of calcium build ups?

stay away from foods with high calcium until the body acclimates or uses what is already there.

What are the practical uses of deliquescent salts like calcium chloride?

Calcium chloride is used to maintain a dry atmosphere in desiccators.

What Are 3 Uses For Calcium?

Milk so that it makes your bones stronger.

What is the hormone that helps regulate how the body uses calcium?

The parathyroid glands

What hormone has a decrease in plasma calcium is the stimulus for its release?

The Parathyroid hormone has a decrease in plasma calcium. It uses a Pentagastrin as stimulation for its release.

Uses of calcium carbonate?

Calcium carbonate is one of the most versatile substances, which is used in agriculture, industries, architecture and other environmental issues.

Common uses for calcium oxide?

Calcium oxide or lime is commonly used to make soil less acidic and is also used in bricklaying.