What are the uses of hardware?

Updated: 10/3/2023
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The basic computer hardware are: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Case, Motherboard, RAM, CPU, Harddrive. The monitor display's data on the screen (Your reading this on your monitor) The keyboard & mouse is used to navigate through out the computer (You used your mouse to open your web browser, internet Explorer. You used your keyboard to find this website and ask your question) The case holds the most important parts of your computer. (That big box on the floor with the ON button and some lights) The motherboard connects all the components together, everything from your monitor to your keyboard and even your USB drive. (You can't see your motherboard as its inside your case) The RAM is your computers memory, it helps load programs faster and stores important information to be used later (You can't see your RAM as its inside your case). You CPU does all the calculations for you computer, everything on your computer is the result of a calculation by the CPU, even your graphics on your monitor and your pushing a key on your keyboard must go through a calculation by the CPU. (You can't see your CPU as its inside your case) The hard drive stores all your data and it stores your operating system(Windows). (You can't see your hard drive as its inside your case)

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The main uses of hardware is to facilitate the functionality of the computer. Common hardware components include hard drive, mouse, keyboard, RAM and many more.

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Q: What are the uses of hardware?
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Is a monitor a type of hardware?

Yes. Anything your computer uses that you can physically touch is hardware.

Is a computer monitor a type of hardware?

Yes. Anything your computer uses that you can physically touch is hardware.

Is a vga connector hardware or software?

A VGA connector is Hardware. Hardware is any physical. For example your hard-drive is hardware. Software is what uses and controls the hardware. So any programs that you have installed on your computer is software.

Where does a computer process and stores data?

It uses hardware.

Who uses pole and transmission line hardware?

Pole and transmission line hardware is purchased by cable television and utility companies

Uses of system software?

It is used as a connection between the hardware and the liveware.

What is the name of the software that an operating system uses to control hardware devices?


Describe the relationship between hardware software and data in terms of interaction between them?

Hardware is the actual physical components. Software uses data to command the hardware to act and make it function based on data input by the user.

Explain the function of each of the four system resources that software uses to manage hardware?

Comparsion characteristics of hardware and software in in computer science?

a comparison is when you take two things and see how they are alike.

Four main uses of operating systems?

AFAIK there are only 2. Hardware abstraction and resource sharing.

What are the tools of the IT trade?

IT uses computer hardware and software to collect, maintain, protect, process, and distribute information.