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Q: What are the uses of isotopes in technology?
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What is the uses of isotopes in your daily life?

isotopes is a type of i guess calorie like things you need 4 grams of IT (isotopes) every day

What type of technology uses magnetic or optical technology?

it uses optical technology

What are some uses of isotopes in chemistry?

I Don't know

What type of medicine use isotopes?

Some imaging uses radioactive isotopes to see various parts of the body.

What is the isotopes of chromium 151?

uses og chromium-151

What are 2 uses of radioactive isotopes?

Carbon dating and tracking.

What are the uses of statistics in information technology in Pakistan?

uses of statistics in information technology

Uses of isotopes applying with half life?

nothing chemistry is stupid

The uses of radio isotopes of cobalt-59?

killer to any one

What does isotopes have to do with smoke alarms?

The "ionizing" type of smoke alarms uses Americium.

What does Windows NT stand for?

New Technology. So when you see 'Uses Windows NT Technology' advertised, it reads 'Uses Windows New Technology Technology!'

What are the Benefits of isotopes?

An isotope of uranium is used as a fuel in nuclear reactors