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What are the uses of lumbering?

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Lumbering describes a powerful and perhaps haphazard manner of running or walking. In football, a defensive lineman who picks up a fumble is said to be lumbering down the field.

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Season of lumbering?

season of lumbering is from spring to winter

Different Stages Of Lumbering in Canada?

stages of lumbering

How can you use the word lumbering in a sentence?

My neighbor told me that I have all the grace of a lumbering yak. Did you see the dazed bear lumbering toward you before you were attacked? "Let's go farming instead of lumbering today."

What is lumbering?

lumbering is the process leading to the manufacture of rayon , paper ,newsprint etc

What is lumbering in Canada?

Please give a definition and introduction of Lumbering in Canada. Thank you

What are the problems faced in lumbering?

Pine beetles is one problem that is faced by the lumbering industry.

How do you use the word lumbering in a sentence?

The giant walked with a lumbering gait. (Like frankinstein)

Why is lumbering New Jersey's major industry?

Lumbering is not New Jersey's major industry.

When is the lumbering season in Canada?

The lumbering season is from Spring to late fall after the winter snows have stopped.

What were four industries of the Middle Colonies?

Lumbering, mining, carpentry and fishing

What are the direct and indirect uses of the forest?

Direct uses Lumbering, food products, firewood, hunting and recreation,habitat, control run-off of water Indirect Replenish oxygen and moderate temperature Source:yahoo answers

When did lumbering start?


Is lumbering a verb?


What is lumbering.?

Cutting down trees. Or it could be walking slowly and in heavy way. The giant was lumbering his way into the forest.

What are the release dates for Lumbering for Wartime - 1918?

Lumbering for Wartime - 1918 was released on: USA: 25 March 1918

What are the release dates for Lumbering in Sweden - 1914?

Lumbering in Sweden - 1914 was released on: USA: 18 February 1914

What is lumbering industry?

Lumbering means the cutting down of different trees of any forest for the extraction of wood and timber from the trees. The industry where the logs of the trees are transformed into furnitures and other wood products is called lumbering industry.

How is forestry obtained?

Through lumbering.

How important is lumbering in industries?


What has the author W E Lamm written?

W. E. Lamm has written: 'Lumbering in Klamath' -- subject(s): Sawmills, Lumbering

What is an example of how American environment policy is contradictory?

the national forrest are supposed to be managed for sustainable yield & multiple use,but lumbering was emphasized over other land uses for decades .

What has the author A Koroleff written?

A. Koroleff has written: 'Full-tree logging, a challenge to research' -- subject(s): Lumbering 'Pulpwood cutting' -- subject(s): Lumbering, Motion study, Time study 'The transportation of logs on sleds' -- subject(s): Lumbering 'Managing small woodlands' -- subject(s): Forests and forestry 'Recent developments in logging mechanization and full-tree logging in Russia' 'Forest conservation' -- subject(s): Lumbering 'Logging mechanization, manufacturing \\' -- subject(s): Forest policy, Forest products industry, Lumbering 'The transportation of wood in chutes' -- subject(s): Lumbering

What kind of jobs did Maryland have in the 1600s?


What is endangering the forest?

forest fires and lumbering

What kind of jobs were in Delaware?

=Agriculture & lumbering=