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To carry radio, TV and mobile phone signals

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Q: What are the uses of radiowaves?
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Which radiological procedure uses a magnetic field and radiowaves to make a picture?


How much radiation is in MRI scans?

None. It uses magnetism and radiowaves. No x-rays.

What can you use radiowaves for?

Radiowaves can be used for communication. Radio stations use radiowaves to broadcast their content to radios.

What does radar stand for-?

Radar is a system that uses radiowaves to measure things like size, distance and speed of a specific object.

How are radiowaves used in communication?

Radiowaves are electromagenetic waves which do not require a medium to be transfered through.

How are radiowaves detected?

By a satellite dish

What stops radiowaves?

Faraday cage

What is before microwaves in electromagnetic spectrum?


What led to the creation of the television?

radios and radiowaves

Do laptops use microwaves or radiowaves?


What energy is it when a radio plays?

radiowaves doiih

Is sunlight and radiowaves a good example of compression waves?

Sunlight and radiowaves are examples of electromagnetic waves, which are transverse mechanical waves. Sound waves are compression waves.

What kind of waves do cellular phones uses to transmit and receive signals?

Well, mobile phones, despite the common belief, use microwaves and not radiowaves to recieve and send calls. REMEMBER THAT

How can I see where pipes are behind the wall?

by using radiowaves

What device translates electronic data into radiowaves?

A transceiver.

Doodle God cell phone?


What Type of wave is used in remote controls?


How are radiowaves used?

they heat things for us to eat =)

What is an example of an electromagnetic wave?

x-rays, radiowaves, microwaves

What is the Doodle God combination for cell phone?

Computer + radiowaves

What has a higher frequency microwaves or radiowaves?

Microwaves have higher frequencies.

What type of electromagnetic waves do GPS' use?

Microwaves or radiowaves

Where are microwaves located in the electromagnetic spectrum?

2nd last, infront of radiowaves

How can you protect yourself from radiowaves?

aluminum hats seem to be the most common.

What types of waves are detected by earth telescopes?

radiowaves and visible light