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- centrifuging

- gaseous diffusion

- thermal diffusion

- electromagnetic separation

- expansion from nozzles

- laser enrichment

- ion exchangers

- distillation

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Q: What are the various equation methods of enriching uranium 235 from its natural form?
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Where does uranium 235 come from?

Uranium 235 is a natural isotope of uranium (the concentration is approx. 0,7 %); uranium 235 is separated from the other uranium isotopes by different methods (centrifugation, gaseous diffusion;also on small scale by laser, mass spectrometric, ion exchange, etc.).

Are centrifuges used to make nuclear weapons?

Centrifuges are one method of enriching Uranium. Depending on how much you enrich it the Uranium can be usable as either reactor fuel or nuclear weapon explosive.Other methods of enrichment include:gaseous diffusioncalutronsthermal diffusion

What type of rock is yellow-cake?

Yellow-cake isn't a natural substance. It's formed by the processing of Uranium Ore with chemicals and grinding, the first step to enriching Uranium for use in a reactor or a bomb. I guess you could describe it as an 'Ore'

What is uranium 235 when added to natural uranium?

Uranium-235 is not added to natural uranium, it is extracted from natural uranium by a process called enrichment.

What is the process of refining uranium to the form used in the reactor?

Its called enrichment and it can be done many different ways. Most ways of enriching uranium require the use of what is probably the most corrosive, toxic, and violently reactive with water chemicals there is: uranium hexafluoride UF6. uranium hexafluoride will corrode almost all metals except pure nickle. uranium hexafluoride attacks all organic compounds. uranium hexafluoride on contact with water ignites and can explode.Enrichment methods using uranium hexafluoride include:gaseous diffusionthermal diffusioncentrifugeLASER separationEnrichment methods not using uranium hexafluoride include: electromagnetic separation, aka calutron, aka mass spectrometerplasma separation

What is a cascade in terms of refining uranium?

A cascade is a long series of identical, successive specific equipments used in the process of uranium enriching in the isotope 235U.

What is uranium - 235 when added to natural uranium?

Natural uranium has approx. 0,7 % 235U; uranium with more than 0,7 % 235U is an enriched uranium.

Is uranium a natural element?

Yes, uranium is a natural but radioactive element.

Uranium -235 and uranium -238 are different of uranium?

Isotopes Uranium 235 and uranium 238 are only natural isotopes of the element uranium.

What is the ratio of uranium isotopes U-238 to U-235 in natural uranium?

Concentration of 238U in natural uranium: 99,2742 % Concentration of 235U in natural uranium: 0,7204 % The ratio 238U/235U is 137,804.

Is uranium a base?

Uranium is a natural, radioactive metal.

Is uranium synthetic?

No, uranium is a natural chemical element.