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Q: What are the ways on how to overcome the effects of friction in performing task daily activities?
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What are the effects of force on object?

Assuming that the force is great enough to overcome static friction; the force will change the momentum of the object.

What is significant friction?

Friction that effects the object in motion. insignificant friction is friction that is so small it is negligible.

How does friction effects speed?

Friction will reduce an object's speed.

What is the equation of friction when checking for the effects of wax polish on friction?

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How can you relate the effects of these phenomena from human activities?

How can you relate the effects of these phenomena from human activities?

What are the effects of friction on things?

Friction results in resistance to movement and produces heat. It can be destructive.

What are some bad effects of friction?

Grazing your knees and hands when falling over and sliding on a hard surface is caused by friction with the ground. A spacecraft returning to earth will heat up to red hot due to friction with the atmosphere. These are just two bad effects of friction. But, there are good effects, too. Friction from your vehicle or bicycle brakes will bring you to a stop! Friction from your tyres and the road surface will prevent you from skidding.

What is friction and what effects does it have on motion?

Friction is the sum of resistance to motion and as for resistance, it slow down the motion.

What are the factors that effects friction?

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What are harmful effects of friction?

it makes our shoes get blisters

Does mass effect friction?

mass effects friction by making the object go slower as mass increases

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