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Q: What are the ways to help the swift fox become less endangered?
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How to conserve the endangered species?

they become endangered because people kill them. over killing the animals means less to eat and less of does species.

Why do plants and animals become endangered?

Because of poaching and climate changeEndangered species are endangered because there population is not at there normal size.they become endangered because people kill them. over killing the animals means less to eat and less of does species.

When did kiwis become endangered?

Kiwi birds have only been endangered for less than 80 years. Their numbers were in the millions at that time.

How did narwhals become endangered?

because they felt like being endangered they were tired of have friends and family so the president of the narwhals declared to become less of a group and thus endangered narwhals were born. Now stop asking questions about whales!

How endangered is an alligator?

The American alligator is not an endangered species, in fact, they have become so common as to be a nuisance in some areas. The Chinese alligator is an endangered animal, however, with a wild population less than 2000.

Are lung-less salamanders endangered?

Lung-less salamanders are endangered

Why are barbirusa pigs endangered and how many are left?

Barbirusa pigs have become endangered in the Middle East and Asia due to over hunting. There are less than 1000 left in the wild.

How long has the swift fox been endangered?

No, the swift fox is not endangered. It is classified as "Of Least Concern" as it is quite common throughout its range. Click on this link for more information.In 2001, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed the species from consideration for protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Why are apes on the endangered species list?

Because the number of their population has dropped to an unsettling number, and protection is necessary less they become extinct.

Is a Philippine tarsier sexual or asexual reproducers?

they are sexually reproducers, that's why they are becoming endangered less and less of them want to reproduce, or they are being hunted.

What are the impacts of cheetahs becoming endangered?

The impacts of the cheetahs becoming endangered means that the eco-system in the cheetah's region becomes thrown off. The food that the cheetah eats will become overgrown. The animals that eat the cheetah will have less food.

Is the Japanese spider crab endangered?

It is becoming less common but is not yet endangered.

What is important about pollination?

If there was no pollination, then they won't give off enough oxygen, causing humans and many other land animals to become endangered, or even worse become extinct. The world would be less lively.

How do sports help students in school?

it makes them less likely to become fat

How do you help African penguins from being endangered?

by causing less pollution (oil often kills many type of seabirds ) and by keeping dogs away from them

How endangered is the Amur Leopard?

Currently, the Amur Leopard is considered to be the single most endangered wild cat in the world. There are less than 50 of these leopards in the wild and efforts to help bring the population up have been difficult. Actually, the last survey in 2013 showed a population of 30 or less.

Are western swamp tortoises endangered or extinct?

They are endangered , there are less than 300 individuals left.

What is meant by endangered?


How endangered are Chinese alligators?

The chinese alligator is critically endangered, with a population of less than 500.

Why is the African penguin endangered?

yes the cute little adorable African Penguin is endangered sadly. Most of them are endangered due to oil spills, predators, less nesting space, fishing, and the collections of guano which is used for their nesting. We can stop the decrease of these adorable creatures by stopping all these causes. We can mostly help by supporting all the causes trying to do the same thing. please help them! A penguin protector

Who has less talent Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift?

Miley Cyrus is not as talented as Taylor Swift.

Where would one find a polar bear?

Polar Bears are becoming endangered so, Polar Bears can be spotted at the local zoo or in the natural land in the icebergs of Alaska and Canada. Their habitat is melting so there have become less and less of them.

Why toucans is an endangered species?

less and less fruit is being prepared for the Toucan.

How does cloning help the world?

Cloning can help the world but it can do more damage too, when a living animal is cloned it receives the exact same genes as the donor so they will both be susceptible to the same defects and diseases, but cloning could make certain animals become less endangered for the time being but, do to the lack of biodiversity the animals could all get the same disease and have no immunity to it.

How did a colombian Gorgas' rice rat become endangered?

This species is listed as Endangered because its area of occupancy is probably less than 500 km2, its distribution is severely fragmented, it is known from fewer than five localities, and the extent of coastal wetland habitat is declining.