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When most of us go to Walt Disney World, we worry if the kids are ok with the rides, not the adults. But many, many adults have tossed their cookies on some of these rides:

At Magic Kingdom: Space Mountain, Mad Tea Party, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain.

At Epcot: Test Track, Mission: Space

At Disney MGM Studios: The Tower of Terror, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Star Tours

At Animal Kingdom: Expedition Everest

What affects one person may be perfectly comfortable for another. For example, the abrupt drop in the dark in Splash Mountain scares many people who would be fine with it in the daylight. The relatively innocuous Mad Teacups are famous for inducing motion sickness in people of all ages. The freefall in the Tower of Terror unnerves some people and thrills others. Know your own limits, and consider wearing a motion sickness patch (purchase beforehand; it can be hard to find in the park).

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Q: What are the wildest rides at Walt Disney World?
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Walt Disney World did not open until 1972.

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Yes, Walt Disney often visited Disneyland to go on the rides and interact with guests.

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Walt Disney World can be found in Orlando, Florida. It is an amusement park which features rides, games and entertainment shows. One can stay at Walt Disney World when visiting because there are several resorts on the park property.

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More rides, attractions and more characters.

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Walt Disney World is named after Walt Disney..... It was originally named Disney World, but was then changed to Walt Disney World to honor him.

Do any rides at Walt Disney World go upside down?

Yes, the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is the only ride at Walt Disney World that flips upside down.

What are the best rides at Walt Disney World?

One of the best rides there I think is Expedition Everest. Also Splash Mountain and Space Mountain.

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Walt Disney World, along with all of the Disney theme parks, was designed by Walt Disney Imagineering (formerly WED).

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Walt Disney was the creative mind behind Disneyland & Disney World.