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there are no worst cigarettes its all tobacco

poor answer, I've heard Newport Menthol 100s are the worst because of their high tar levels. Marlboros also have a high level of nicotine, while Camel has a much lower level.


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Are cheaper brands of cigarettes worse for your health?

You're smoking in the first place...

Which is worst for your body marijuana or cigarettes?

Marijuana is harder on your lungs, but given time, you can get lung cancer from both. Cigarettes are legal, Marijuana is usually not. From a health perspective Cigarettes have more known and proven health concerns than Marijuana.

What are the worst types of cigarettes for you?

All cigarettes are bad for you.

Is tobacco worst then cigarettes?

Your an idiot tobacco is what is in cigarettes

What is the worst tasting brand of cigarettes?

pall mall. the worst by far. i beg to differ, indian reservation cigarettes are worse.

How many different brands of cigarettes are there?


How many brands of cigarettes are there in the world?


What is the worst cigarette?

Candy cigarettes

How many cigarettes come in a pack of Newports?

Most brands of cigarettes are packaged in packs of 20.

Who makes riverside cigarettes?

S&M Brands, Inc. make Riverside cigarettes. They also make Bailey's and Tahoe cigarettes.

How many cigarettes brands have gold in their name?


Why do people smoke Winston cigarettes over other brands?

People smoke Winston cigarettes over other brands because of popularity, Winston cigarettes are very popular. Winston cigarettes are so popular because they are said to be safer to smoke because they have no additives.

Cheapest brands of cigarettes in Ontario?

The cheapest pack of cigarettes in Ontario ViceRoys at 7.46 per pack.

What is the most common brand of cigarettes in the US?

Marlboro is the most common brands of cigarettes in the US CigBuyNowCom

What Is the Price of a Carton of Cigarettes in Ohio?

don't get cigarettes they are bad for your health!

Are there any non fsc brands of cigarettes?

Not in this country (USA).

Are you looking for branded cigarettes?

No I am not looking for branded cigarettes but if I were there are quite a few named brands available around the world.

What are the top 10 worst cigarettes to smoke?


What is the worst ingredient in cigarettes?

The Carbon monoxide and/or the Nicotine

What is the worst disease to get from cigarettes?

Cancer, emphysema, you name it

Do clove cigarettes have nicotine?

Yes. Clove cigarettes produce at least twice as much nicotine, tar, & carbon monoxide as regular American cigarettes brands.

What brands of cigarettes are manufactured by the company RJ Reynolds?

RJ Reynolds manufactures a couple of brands of cigarettes. They are Pall Mall and Camel. They have been around since 1913, when Camel was first made.

How much do cigarettes cost in Alberta?

$12.50 for brands like Du Maurier, Players and Export A studio cigarettes carton

How many pounds of wood does it take to make 1 pack of cigarettes?

The better brands of cigarettes are comprised of only tobacco.

What is the worst dirt bike to get?

Chinese brands!