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I think baby chameleons called as a chameleon too.

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Q: What are the young chameleons called?
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What skills do adult chameleons teach their young?

None. Chameleons don't care for their young.

How do chameleons take care of their live born young?

They don't. Chameleons are a reptile and reptiles don't parent their young.

What are the chameleons with horns called?

Jackson chameleons

What kind of chameleons are small chameleons?

It is called a dwarf chameleon.

Do chameleons are mammals?

No, chameleons are in fact reptiles. They differ from mammals in that they do not have hair on their body, they produce eggs outside the body, are cold blooded, do not give birth to live young, and do nurse their young (do not produce milk).

What are baby chameleons called?

I am pretty sure they are just called baby chmeleons.It think they are just called a young chameleon. I looked it up at wikipedia and it didn't mention it being called anything else. Some people call them hatchlings.

How do chameleons defend themselves?

Chameleons defend themselves by changing the colour of their body, allowing them to blend into their surroundings. This is called camouflage.

What are the animals called that change colors?


How much do chameleons care for their young?

Reptiles in general aren't much for childcare. After leaving the eggs in a good spot they're pretty much done.Chameleons dont care for their young. they abandon them.They lay their eggs make a ditch and leave them on their own.

Do the adult chameleons eat their babies?

Yes they do eat their young when searching for food and is not available. Vicious parents if you ask me.

What actors and actresses appeared in Chameleons - 2014?

The cast of Chameleons - 2014 includes: Madeleine Ash as Fiona Sebastian Huxtable as Boy Sean Michael Errey as Young Filmaker Lauren Moreau as Actress

How long do chamelens live?

They're called chameleons, not chamelens.

What are animals that take on many forms called?

Animals that take on many forms are called chameleons and shape shifters. Shape shifters can contort their bodies to resemble something else, and chameleons can change color to blend into their environments.

What food do chameleons eat?

chameleons eat insects,and chameleons are insectivores

Are there any captive breeding of bearded pygmy chameleons in the US currently?

Fl Chams breeds and sells chameleons to anywhere in America. They sell and breed Panther Chameleons, Veiled Chameleons, Premium Veiled Chameleons, Translucent Veiled Chameleons, Jacksons Chameleons, Pygmy Chameleons, Carpet Chameleons, Other Chameleon Species. I know about them but I checked their site many times and they had wc only when available

Are chameleons carnivorous?

yes chameleons are carnivorous but they will only eat other chameleons to survive

What layer of the rainforest do chameleons live?

most of the chameleons live in the canopy Chameleons live below the canopy because that's where their prey is abundant. More Arid chameleons such as the Veiled Chameleons use medium trees as a home.

Do chameleons noturnal?

Chameleons are NOT nocturnal.

Are chameleons territorial?

are chameleons territorial

How and what do chameleons poo?

chameleons reproduce

What makes a chameleons skin change color?

Chameleons do not camouflage, this is a common misconception. They change their color as a way to express themselves towards other chameleons and to scare predators away. Many chameleons have very bright and "screaming" colors, not very suitable for camouflage. Many chameleons have a cryptic base color though. They change color with special cells called chromatophores. There are several different types of chromatophores with different colors. Chameleons are capable of the faster form of color-change, called physiological colour change. The chromatophores contain pigment and/or light reflecting matter. Simply put, these cells can expand and contract, thereby making other colors in a layer under the chromatophore visible.

How are reptiles like chameleons?

Reptiles is a classification, whereas Chameleons are a species. Chameleons are a species of reptile.

How chameleons raise young?

Basically they don't ! Once the babies arrive - they are completely independent - and quickly disperse in search of their first meal.

Do chameleons eat in groups with other chameleons?

Chameleons are solitary animals only coming together to mate.

How do chameleons reproduce?

chameleons lay eggs.