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The name of the toner cartridges depends on the brand of your printer, although in rare cases, generic cartridges will suffice. Do you have an inkjet printer or a laser printer? What model is it? My advice is to find your manual and read about your printer and the corresponding cartridge needed.

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Unfortunately, all printers will need printer cartridges or toner.

Laser printer use toners to print documents. Toners are powder-like substance that is housed on toner cartridges.Toner cartridges are to laser printers while ink cartridges are to inkjet printers.

The C9730a toner cartridges are only compatible with HP printers. However, they are not compatible with all HP printers. They are only compatible with HP Color LaserJet 5500 & 5550 series printers.

Samsung toner cartridges are designed by the same company that makes the Samsung printers. Therefore, the two are designed to work together. One could also use generic toner cartridges, but the results may not be as good.

Toner cartridges for laser printers can be found at many retail outlets, both in store and online. is a reliable place to purchase laser printer toner cartridges.

That is the printer type. Ink jet printers take ink cartridges and laser printers take laser toner cartridges.

Laser printers use toner cartridges rather than ink.

Printers can be categorized in a number of ways.There are inkjet and laser printers. Inkjet printers use ink cartridges while laser printers use laser toner cartridges.Also, printers can be classified as colored or black.

You can donated the cartridges as charity. The are many organizations that accept these cartridges, and you can send them throught the mail.

All toner cartridges for printers are expensive. The cost of obtaining the toner ink and the process for putting the toner ink into the cartridges is very high. The only way for the companies to turn a profit from manufacturing and selling such items is to sell them above their cost.

It depends on what specific printer you get, as they all tend to have different proprietary cartridges, but toner printers are generally cheaper to buy and maintain.

You will have to check your specific model of printer in order to determine which toner cartridges will work with it. You can go to HP's website for help if you are having trouble.

Laser toner cartridge is expensive because these types of printers are capable of handling a large volume of prints. Laser printers are best for text or blank and white prints. Laser toner cartridges are capable of printing up to 2000 sheets before replacement as compared to Inkjet cartridges where they can only print a few hundred sheets.

The Canon 120 laser printer uses the OEM 1382A005AA laser toner cartridges. The Canon laser toner cartridges and printer supplies for your Canon C120 are high quality.reliable toners withexceptional yields.

One can purchase Samsung ML2510 toner cartridges from a local electrical appliances store which deals in printers, a local stationery store, Amazon, 123inkcartidges or Quickshiptoner.

At the official HP website one can buy very cheap but genuine and original HP color toner cartridges for many specific models and versions of HP printers.

The cartridges in laser printers contain toner that allows the print to show on the page. A laser printer works by having a laser directed at a photosensitive drum. Without the toner, charged particles from the drum would be transferred to the paper, but they would be colorless.

The Canon E40 toner is compatible with any laser printers. These cartridges are designed to quickly release ink when the printer requests it. This allows you to print paper in a faster way.

Toner Tap from Amazon has great prices on all types of printers' toner cartridges. Here is a link to their direct site. They have toner cartridges for, Dell, HP, Okidata, Lexmark, Canon, Epson, Xerox, Samsung as well as others, give them a shot..

The products that are sold on the website Laser Equipment are related to printers. The company sells the laser printers and recycled toner cartridges.

It all depends on what model HP printer one has. There is no way to suggest compatible toner cartridges without knowing the model in question. One should visit the HP website for more information.

You can recycle your laser toner cartridges by going to your local recycling or waste management companies in order to ask them about recycling your laser toner cartridges.

There is a number of companies that refill toner cartridges. PrinterRefill, Walgreens, and Cartridge World are some examples of companies that refill toner cartridges.

High-yield toner cartridges have more toner in them than normal toner cartridges. A high-yield toner cartridge can reduce the cost of toner per page by half. Much of the cost of toner cartridges is related to the housing not the toner itself.

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