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Q: What are there uses for a violet?
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What color is simple staining on bacillus megaterium using crystal violet stain?

Simple or gram? Simple uses methylene blue, gram uses crystal violet

What are the uses for crystal violet?

Crystal violet is a hexamethyl also known as methyl violet 10B This is much darker than 2B, and often darker than 6B. It is used in biological stainang particularly gram staining together with safranin and iodine. Crystal violet was also used to treat strept throat. Doctors used to swab it on the back of your throat.

What does violet and violet make?


What color does blue and purple make?

Indigo or violet.

What colors have wavelength range is 420 - 380 nanometres?


What are Colors that end with the letter t?

Violet, scarlet...

What did violet plan to do with the hammocks in the caravan?

she uses it as a parachute sort of thing

Why does a violet dress appear violet in sunlight?

Because the violet dress reflects violet and absorbs the other colours.

What is violet Clair in French?

'violet clair' is 'light violet' in English.

What colors does violet absorb?

violet color body absorbs all colors except violet .It reflect the violet color.

What are the colors in red violet?

Violet and red-violet are made of red and blue.

What are the uses Electromagnetic radiation?

This is light, so anything you can think of that light does, this is used for. It also encompasses non-visible light (X-ray, ultra violet, radio waves, etc so count those uses too!)

What is an analogous color scheme?

The analogous color scheme uses colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel.They share a common color such as blue-violet, violet, and re-violet. The related link below gives a complete explanation and illustrated examples so basically they have one base color

What is a simile for the color violet?

Violet is as beautiful as a pink rose/It was as purple as the color violet.

What is the birth name of Violet Campbell?

Violet Campbell's birth name is Violet Shelton.

What is the birth name of Violet Philpott?

Violet Philpott's birth name is Violet Yeomans.

What is the birth name of Violet Heming?

Violet Heming's birth name is Hemming, Violet.

How do you say violet in french?


What color is the violet flower?

violet/ the flower is viola

Is violet a shade of purple?

Violet is a shade of purple.

is Violet a nice name?

the name Violet is beautiful!

What color will you mix if you want to have Violet?

Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.

What is the value of resistor yellow violet violet gold?

Yellow is 4, Violet is 7, Violet is 7, Gold is 5% tolerence. 470,000,000 Ohms.

Is dark violet called purple?

No, violet is a shade of purple, dark violet would just simply be called dark violet or dark purple.

Who is violet westing?

violet westing is grace windsor wexler. she looks just like violet.