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Q: What are thing that will help to make a good podcast?
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Your podcasts have no visibility on search engines Please suggest you techniques to improve their searchability?

Podcasts are like normal audio files. To make them searchable on the search engines, they need to have text in them. The best option is to provide the transcript of the podcast along with the podcast itself. This will not only help your podcast become popular on search engines but also help your customers get a value added service in the form of podcast transcripts. Try doing an online search for a good transcriptions service.

What makes a good podcast?

It would depend upon what you're making a podcast for. If you spend lots of time on your podcast and use lots of effort, you'll do great. An example of a good podcast is: Film Flim Flam at Make sure you check it out for some good pointers. (Did anyone notice that is a Freewebs website.?)

What 2 words make podcast?

iPod + broadcast = pod-cast = podcast

Why are explosives a good thing?

they can help make demolition alot easier

What can you put on a podcast?

A podcast is simply an audio or video recording. If you'd like to create your own podcast, you can make it on any subject you like, and it can contain audio only, audio with accompanying graphics (like an audio slideshow), or you can make a video podcast. Really, the only limit is your imagination.

What do you need to make a podcast?

A computer, a decent microphone and headphones, recording software, and a platform that will host your podcast.

What is yahoo web hosting and can it be a good thing?

You can use it to make websites. It could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you use it. If you use it for a business or other personal need it could help you alot.

How do I make a good podcast about earthquakes and volcanoes?

talk of the wonders and dangers of both, and show pics of lava and volcanic lightning etc.

How do you put a podcast on to a ipod?

Go to i tunes store online. find a podcast. click download. and make sure you have the cord in and BAM. you have it

How did Theodore Roosevelt took office?

he went in help people out and should him that he was going to make every thing good

What is a good gift to make for a 12 year old girl and how do you make it if she's your best friend and you need a good gift and need it homemade help?

depends on what kind of thing shes into

Why is it good to have a first aid certificate?

Accidents happen anywhere and everywhere and knowing how to help is always a good thing. First responders can make a difference.

How do you quote a Podcast?

Lastname, I. (Producer). (2011, April 14). The title of the podcast episode [Audio Podcast]. Title of the podcast show. Retrieved from .urlofpodcast.comThe 'I' stands for initials.When typing in the title of the show and episode, make sure to only capitalise the first letter and also, if the podcast was a video podcast, simply change 'Audio Podcast' to Video.Oh, and your in-text reference would be(Lastname, 2011)Hope that helps.

Why do some women support other women that make good decent guys jealous on purpose a good thing?

Because not all women are good women or make good choices. A nice woman and good friend will always help her friends to be better people.

What can be done to keep a person feeling good?

If someone wants to make someone else feel good then a good thing is to encourage them and praise them when they are doing well. This will keep them feeling good and help them develop.

How do you make a pod cast?

A 'Podcast' just means an audio file, so if you recorded something with audio and no video, it would be a podcast.

What is free podcast hosting known for ?

Many different sites offer free podcast hosting, so what exactly is offered will depend on which one you select. They allow you to easily make your podcast available for free, and sometimes offer incentives like increasing bandwidth for repeat customers.

What are three components of a sound weight control program?

The #1 thing is most definatly exercise and a great catalyst for this is diet and a third and good thing that would help is to make reasonable goals

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Yes, it is a good thing to make your girlfriend or wife to reach orgasm first. It typically takes a woman much longer to reach orgasm, so if you hold back until she is satisfied, it will likely make her feel better. If you hurry up and ejaculate, you might not be motivated to help her reach orgasm.

What is so good about smoking?

Well first of all there is nothing good about smoking! But just to answer the question the only thing good out of it is the money that people make selling it. So it doesn't help the smoker but the dealer, yes :)

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no such thing

What two words make up podcast?

The two words that obviously make up pod cast are: pod and cast

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the only thing you can do is make shore it is ok, and in good condition. you can also give a certain shot injection only when in harsh pain.

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Here are some good links to help you learn how to be a writer -- one thing about writers is that we always have plots in our heads!

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It is a good thing because it is make you teeth look better than before