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Q: What are things that can absorb an impact?
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The amount of energy absorbed by a vehicle in an impact is realted to what?

Absorbed might be a poor word as a vehicle can only absorb so much energy, some will change the direction of movement, and so on.The things we need to look at are:the speed of the impact (this is the answer you are looking for)The speed and direction of the vehicle after impactThe difference is the energy absorbed.

If a water slide was dry how would the friction be different?

Water can absorb friction because it's wet and slippery. When things are dry, there nothing slippery or wet to absorb the friction, so the friction becomes stronger.

Why are echos produced in empty areas?

Because there is nothing to 'absorb' the sound, echo's are basically a sound reflected by it hitting a surface, if you walked into a house with nothing in it, just the walls, floorboards or concrete floor and ceilings then the sound echos because there are no soft things or cushiony things to absorb the sound and stop it reflecting.

How does the motion of the gas molecules change?

Gas molecules change their motion when they bounce into the surfaces of their containers. If the surfaces absorb the impact, then energy is transfered out of the system and particle speed decreases.

Are vehicles designed with both plastic and elastic values to absorb energy forces in a manner that will reduce the direct forces that reach the vehicle occupants?

Yes, vehicles are designed with both plastic and elastic values to absorb energy forces in a manner that will reduce the direct forces that reach the vehicle occupants. The plastic materials are designed to absorb the initial impact of a collision, while the elastic materials are designed to absorb the remaining energy from the collision and dissipate it over a longer period of time. This two-step process helps to reduce the overall force that is transferred to the occupants of the vehicle.

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How does light absorb things?

Light does not absorb things. Light can be absorbed by things.

Which can absorb more impact cocnut shell or the average crash helmet?

A coconut shell can absorb more impact than the average crash helmet--actually 20% more impact can be applied on the coconut shell and the damage to both would equal out. The shell could absorb more kinetic energy and/or force.

How do you root hairs absorb water?

well the weird things in your things have some sort of things which help the other things to ,maybe help absorb the water things. Amen.

What is a antonym for impact?

Off the top of my head, 'absorb' comes to mind...

Why is it important that cars crumple easily when the crash?

to absorb the impact of the crash

How does the bumper on a car protect you?

It helps absorb energy during an impact.

Why don't rams get concussions?

because they have really strong neck muscles that absorb the impact

Are the knees harmed by brisk walking?

No as long as you wear commfortable shoes that can absorb the impact

What is designed to absorb the impact of a high speed crash?

Crumple zones,Air bags,

What is High impact polymer paint?

it is just polymer paint which has rubbery molecules in it to absorb energy on impact thus negating the probability of failure.

Does the pores absorb things that touch the body?

Yes. Like if you were to hold whatever it was there for a few seconds they would absorb the whatever. Depending on what it is you might not absorb it immediatly. Things such as metals and minerals and lotion. It might take a few minutes for a small amount to absorb into your body.

Can a sponge absorb heat?

A sponge definitely does have the ability to absorb heat. Sponges absorb heat as well as many other things like water.