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The difference is that the religion and the language they spoke and wrote where different.Also there was alot lf changes.

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2012-01-08 21:17:48
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Q: What are three differences between the shang and zhou dynasties?
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The three teachings of Buddhism(brought from India). Taoism(formed by Lao Zi to believe in nature) and Confucianism (formed by Confucious which teach to respect your elders and higher classes) (these to where more of philosophies) were the beliefs of Ancient Chinese people. The ancient Chinese people also believed there was a Shang Di or the god who controls basically everything. Shang Di was also believed to be the one who changes the dynasties because the last emperors of the dynasties were useless Since Shang Di stopped protecting the dynasty. Shang Di usually chooses a new leader to form a new dynasty.

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Yuan, Ming QingIn that order of the Major legitimized dynasties.

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The Shang culture has three values and three features. Its three values are: the value of family, the respect for parents, and lastly the respect for their dead members of the family.

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