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flowers butterflies and rainbows

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plastic bottles, coke bottles, metal cans

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Q: What are three things made from nonrenewable resources that can be recycled?
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What are three things that are made of nonrenewable resources that can be recycled?

plastic bags, aiuminum cans, and metal food cans

What are the three groups that geographers divide the Earth's natural resources into?

Renewable resources, non-renewable resources, and flow resources. Renewable resources include sunlight and wind, non-renewable resources are things like fossil fuels and minerals, and flow resources are elements like water and soil that are continuously replenished by natural processes.

What are three nonrenewable resources?

Three nonrenewable resources are fossil fuels (such as oil, coal, and natural gas), nuclear energy (uranium), and minerals (such as copper, iron, and aluminum). These resources are finite in supply and take millions of years to form.

Do Nonrenewable energy resources include oil coal and natural gases?

Yes, nonrenewable energy resources include oil, coal, and natural gas. These resources are finite and take millions of years to form, making them unsustainable in the long term.

List three types of resources and give an example each?

the 3 types of resources are natural resources human made resources

Describe three common challenges with managing nonrenewable energy resources?

haw far i can work

Types of energy resources?

there are three main kinds of energy. these are renewable, nonrenewable, and inexhaustible. renewable resources are resources that can be replaced over time. non renewable resources are resources that can not be replaced in a reasonable time. inexhaustible resources are resources that are constantly produced.

Name at least three things that can be recycled?

Cardboard. Paper. Plastic.

What are the three productive resources?

they are the three resources used to make profit and to make/sell things.

What household items are made of paper and can be recycled?

The three things are paper plastic water

What are three things a country need's to industrialize?

Three things a country needs to industrialize are natural resources, labor force, and transportation.

What three types of material can be recycled?

Three types of material that can be recycled are paper, glass, and plastic. Another one is cardboard.