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Q: What are three things that the Greek God Cupid is afraid of?
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Who is the child of Cupid and Psyche?

Her name in Roman mythology is Voluptas. In Greek mythology, she is called Hedone. She is one of the Three Graces and is the goddess of sensual pleasures.

How was Cupid Born?

Like his Greek counterpart, Eros, the stories of Cupid's origins are conflicting. It does not appear that Cupid's birth is discussed much in Roman literature.What we have follows in summary:First century philosopher Seneca notes that Cupid is the child of Vulcan and his wife Venus.First century BC philosopher Cicero said there were three Cupids and three Venuses, and that the first Cupids was born to Diana and Mercury, the second Cupid was born to Mercury and the second Venus, and the third to Mars and the third Venus. Each of these incarnations represented a different form of love, the third was associate with Anteros (counter-love).

What three things brought Greece out of the dark ages?

Greek soul

What actors and actresses appeared in Cupid and Three - 1913?

The cast of Cupid and Three - 1913 includes: Dolores Cassinelli as Dorothy Ruth Hennessy as Celia

What are the release dates for Hello Cupid - 2013 Three 1-3?

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Who was Aphrodite's son?

She had three children with Ares. One son being Eros, or Cupid, God of Love

How many kids did phoebe and cupid have on charmed?


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What three things helped the Greeks feel a cultural identity with one another?

Greek mythology get a life

What is the greek word for three?

the greek word for three is treis

Why do things happen to Peter in the bible in threes?

He denied knowing Jesus three times because he was afraid that the Romans would crucify him as well.