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Ballet,contemporary and hip hop

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Q: What are three types of dancing?
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How many types of Irish dancing are there in River Dance?

There are three types of Irish dancing in River Dance. They are Step Dancing, Ceili Dances and Set dances. Step Dancing has three types of dancing they are Reel, Jig and Slip Jig.

What are the three types of ballet dancing?


What are the three types of theatre arts?

singing,dancing, and drama/acting.

What are the three types of learned behavior?

Actually,their can be more learned behaviors but three of em is walking,dancing,driving xD :).Hope i helped

How many different types of dancing exist?

Many Types

Different types of dancing?

Street dancingWaltzBallroomTangoCha-ChaSalsaRumbaCongaBreak dancingSkate dancingpomsjazzhip-hop lyricalballetChinese Dancing etc.TechnoShufflingbelly dancing

What types of dancing in ire-land?

irish step dancing, probably tap, etc.

How many different types of dancing are there?

a lot

What are some chanukah dances?

The dancing done on Hanukkah, is not specific to Hanukkah. all types of dancing is done, including modern dancing and israeli dancing.

What kinds types of dances do they have?

Tap Dancing Modern Dancing Break Dancing Hip Hop Dancing Street Dancing Ballet Point Lap Dancing Pole Dancing Line Dancing Ballroom Dancing Contemporary That's all about I can think of!

What are three types of figure skating?

1. ice dancing 2. pairs skating 3. figure skating 4. synchronized skating

How many different types of dancing is there?

there are many different types like: -classical -hip hop -ballet -b-boying or break dancing -crumping ......

What are the 2 types of skills in PE?

Exersicing and dancing

What the types of spanish dances?

The spanish do flanminco dancing.

What are the Types of rhythmic movements in dancing?

There are five different types of rhythmic movements in traditional dancing. These include flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness movements.

What are all the types of Tongan dancing?

There are many different types. Look on google and you will see.

How many different types of Japanese dancing are there?

There are 2 types of traditional dance of japan .

3 white butterflies dancing together . what does this mean?

three white butterflies dancing means dancing slowly and gracefuly

What are three accomplishments of Katherine Dunham?

to dance, make peace with dancing, and have fun dancing

When was Dancing Count Stakes top three finishers created?

Dancing Count Stakes top three finishers was created in 1985.

What are the major types of dances?

Theres jazz, ballet, lyrical, contempary, hip hop, belly dancing, ballroom dancing, and other traditional dancing

Tap Irish and Ballet are all different types of what?

They are all different Styles of dancing. Tap-Dancing, Irish-Dancing, and Ballet-Dancing.

Who won season three of Dancing with the Stars?

The winners of season three of Dancing With the Stars were Emmitt Smith (celebrity) and Cheryl Burke (professional).

What is the culture of Hispanics?

Hispanic has different types such as dancing, singing,

What dance method is in glee?

Glee has all types of dancing.