What are three ways sound waves can differ?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What are three ways sound waves can differ?
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What are three ways that sound waves interact?

The three ways that sound waves interact are: reflection, diffraction, refraction.

What three ways can differ electromagnetic waves from sound waves?

Electromagnetic waves are transverse in nature where as sound waves are longitudinal. Electromagnetic waves can pass even through vacuum but sound waves are mechanical waves that means it needs badly a material medium Sound waves can be sensed by ear where as electromagnetic waves are sensed by eyes.

What are five ways electromagnetic waves differ from each other?

need to describe in five ways how electronic waves differ each other

Can sound travel in ways other than sound waves?


In what ways are sound waves and electromagnetic waves different?

They travel at different speeds.

In what ways might two electromagnetic waves differ?

In frequency or wavelength.

How are sound waves and water waves?

Two main ways. First water waves are essentially two dimensional, i.e. on the surface of water, and sound waves are three dimensional - they (generally) spread out in all directions from the source of the sound. Second water waves are up and down undulations in the water, and are therefore at right angles to the direction of motion (transverse waves). Sound waves are compressions and rarefactions in the same direction as the direction of motion (longitudinal waves).

What two ways are light and sound different?

sound waves are faster in water than in land, light waves are faster in land

What are the ways of reducing sound wave transmission?

ultraveling waves

What rhymes with soundwave?

Sound waves ,found ways ,got way ,

What are three ways in which the ocean's zone differ from one another?

what are three ways that ocean zones differ from one another

What are the objects that produce sound?

there are many weird and wonderful ways to produce sound by simply vibrating air waves.