What are tiger adapatation?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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dont know because in a lion

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Q: What are tiger adapatation?
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What is a unusual adapatation?

like an dog living in a cat environment it changes and eventually they willm not get along

What is Vanessa Hudgens' favourite animal?

The cheetah The cheetah Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger

A cheetah or a tiger?

if they were to race the cheetah would win but if they were to fight the tiger would win

How is a Bengal tiger different from a normal tiger?

A Bengal tiger is a species of tiger, as is the Amur tiger.

What are some translations of tiger or little tiger in other languages?

In Spanish, "tiger" is "tigre" and "little tiger" is "tigre pequeño." In French, "tiger" is "tigre" and "little tiger" is "petit tigre." In German, "tiger" is "tiger" and "little tiger" is "kleiner Tiger."

What is bigger Bengal tiger or tiger?

The Siberian tiger is the biggest species if tiger today.

When was Tiger Tiger - nightclub - created?

Tiger Tiger - nightclub - was created in 1998.

Name the five types of tigers?

The largest is the Siberian tiger. Other tigers include the Bengal tiger, the Bali tiger, the Indochinese tiger, the Sumatran tiger, the Caspian tiger, the Javan tiger, and the South China tiger.

Who would win a gorilla or a tiger?

gorilla little vs tiger , tiger wins , big gorilla vs tiger , gorilla wins

What are the 6 tigers around the world?

white tiger, Bengal tiger, inochinese tiger, malayan tiger, south china tiger and the sumatran tiger.

What are all the tiger types names?

There are 8 tigers in the world and they are: Caspian Tiger, Indian or Bengal Tiger, Indo-Chinese or Corbett's Tiger, Siberian Tiger, South Chinese or Annoy Tiger, Sumatran Tiger, Javan Tiger and Bali Tiger.

Is a tiger the same as a Siberian tiger?

A Siberian tiger is a subspecies of the tiger, one of several.