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Keep an eye on kids during Character encounters

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Q: What are tips for families with kids at Walt Disney World?
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How Walt Disney changed the world with animated cartoons and Disney world?

kids played more

Who made Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney! HE made up the idea for Walt Disney World because Disneyland was more for kids and he wanted a place where all ages could enjoy the magic of Disney!!

What are the differences between Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World?

Disney World is more for kids and Universal Studios is more for adults and old kids

Was Walt Disney an alcoholic?

Walt Disney was never an alcoholic, if Walt Disney was an alcoholic, Walt Disney would never had been a kids/teen company!

Why was Disney World created?

For kids and families to have FUN!

Where did Princess Diana take her kids?

To Walt Disney world in Florida

It's A Goofy Time?

If your family is going to see Mickey Mouse and Goofy, you need to check out the Walt Disney World hotels before you get there. Families can find hotels that are child friendly, offering free breakfasts and multiple pools for the kids to play in. Some hotels in Walt Disney World provide transportation to the park for free.

Did Walt Disney eat Cuban kids?

The unfrozen head of Walt Disney hungered for the flesh of Cuban kids in a sketch on Robot Chicken.

Why are kids obsessed with Walt Disney World?

its fun fun fun wolrd

How many kids did Walt Disney have?

Walt Disney had two daughters, Diane and Sharon.

What was Walt Disney's skills?

He knew what kids liked he was a fantastic drawer and he had the most creative ideas for Disney world

Who were Walt disneys kids?

andelina and kandiee

How old are Walt Disney's kids?

Diane Disney and Sharon Disney

Who are Walt Disney's kids?

Walt has two children; Diane Marie Disney and Sharon Mae Disney, who was adopted.

What did Walt Disney do in his past time?

Put on a Nazi uniform and stomp around Disney World looking for little kids to steal.

What are tips to make Walt Disney World less scary for small children?

Small children are often afraid of the Characters, the rides or both. Before you leave home, rent Walt Disney World travel videos or check them out of the library, and watch them with the kids. You can also get free videos from Walt Disney World Holiday Planning (407-824-8000).They

Do Walt disney's grand kids work for the company?

No. Walt's nephew, Roy E. Disney, used to, but he died in 2009.

Why did Walt Disney create the whole world of Disney?

He created Walt Disney World to make dreams come true. He wanted to see people smile and have fun, most importantly little kids. His wish came true, and now people all over the world come to visit the "HAPPIEST PLACE IN THE WORLD".

Any tips for small kids at Walt Disney World?

For rain showers, buy ponchos at Walgreen

Did Walt Disney have kids or was married?

yes he was

Did Walt Disney's daughters have kids?


Why is Walt Disney important?

Walt Disney is important because he created things that would help kids understand important messages but not get bored. He had a huge impact on people world wide and he was like that cool teacher who taught things in a fun way. That's why I think Walt Disney is important.

Who is more famous Darth Vader or Walt Disney?

walt disney is because many little kids grow up watching it

What important historical events happened in Walt Disney lifetime that dont involve Walt Disney?

walt disney lived through life by giving little kids mustache rides. that was the first ride in disneyland. word

Why would you choose Walt Disney to write a biography on?

Because he changed the world as we know it.. Who knows if animation would exists today? He showed the world that you can achieve your dreams if you work for it and have courage. Can you imagine kids and adults not dreaming to go to Disney land or Disney world? It is said that not another person will ever be like Walt Disney and his imagination was bigger than ours will ever be.