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What are tips on becoming anorexic?

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Yes. Don't become anorexic. Anexoria and Bulimia are eating disorders. They are generally found in people, more often women, with more deeply seated issues that could be approached with counseling and/or medical attention. Looking for advice on how to have a life threatening condition is not a good approach. Pleaes seek professional help immediately. Permanent body damage and death are more common outcomes of anorexia than anything positive.

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When foods smells bad but its not are you becoming anorexic?

No, not really.

Does becoming anorexic make you lose belly fat?

Becoming anorexic makes you malnurished and paranoid because you are trying to keep the fact that you are anorexic a secret. Being anorexic also leads to many deaths and mental illnesses every day, but back to your originally question yes it does help you loose belly fat.

Which gender male or female has a higher percentage of becoming anorexic?


How can teens lose weight without becoming anorexic?

Healthy diet & exercise

Are you anorexic if you eat one meal a day?

You're only anorexic ifyou have a morbid fear of becoming fatterfeel that you are fat even when your weight is below normal

Do some children become anorexic to avoid growing up because they're insecure of their self-worth?

That is not a common reason for becoming anorexic at all.

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How many more people are becoming anorexic or belimic every year?

i think that alot of people are becoming belimic because they don't feel comfortable with there selves.

What are some tips on becoming a nurse?

Some tips on becoming a nurse are that you must attend a nursing school. The school will teach you how to become a nurse after you graduate from it successfully.

What is the difference between an anorexic girl and boy?

There is no difference between an anorexic girl and boy. Anorexia is more commonly associated with girls. However, it is increasingly becoming common for boys to suffer it as well.

I am scared that I'm becoming anorexic but I've been on lots of diets and they don't work what can i do?

Being anorexic is a serious disorder. Even if you diet frequently, that does not mean you are anorexic. If you stop eating or become unhealthily obsessed with your figure and do become underweight, then seeking help would be your wisest option.

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How much weight can you lose if you become anorexic and exercise for three hours a day?

Being anorexic is a serious illness and if you are thinking of becoming an "anorexic" that is wrong. Losing weight can easy if you eat healthy. Becoming slim doesn't mean that you should make yourself SICK or seriously ill! Please seek professional help if needed. Exercising and a balanced diet will do good for you. It is better to be a little bit bigger that to be UNHEALTHY and sick !

Is Rihanna anorexic?

No she is not anorexic

Is Lindsay Lohan anorexic?

yes she is anorexic

What is an anorexic?

An anorexic is a person who suffers from anorexia.

How did Mary Kate get so thin?

she is anorexic. she is anorexic.

Is Emma Watson anorexic?

Of course she isn't anorexic...

How do sims become anorexic?

They can't become anorexic.

How little should you eat to become anorexic?

Nothing. I do not support the idea of becoming annorexic though, so do not read this and then decide to not eat anything. It will kill you.

How long does it take to notice weight loss after becoming anorexic?

I am 13 and i saw a difference in my size in just 3days. being anorexic is dangerous, it can lead to many health problems in the future and can also change your emotional state of mind. hope it helped any way.

Do you lose weight faster being anorexic or bullimic?


How can you be a good anorexic?

That can't really be possible. You have to not be anorexic anymore.

Is there more anorexic women than anorexic men?


Is Taylor Swift anorexic in 2014?

No, Taylor Swift is not anorexic

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