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Travel to Egypt Westerners have been visiting Egypt for centuries, but it's still an exotic destination, with all the pros and cons that go along with that. Some people also feel especially sensitive about trips to an Arab country in the current political climate. Here are some suggestions that have been contributed:

  • Be careful with your credit card. Mine was billed by a restaurant after I left Egypt for about 20 times the value of the meal. Real hassle getting credited by Visa.
  • Make sure you go to King Tut's burial chamber, then to Cairo and see what the treasures that were in it with him. Amazing!
  • Egypt is a wonderful country to visit. The Egyptians are very friendly.
  • Don't drink the water. Buy bottled.
  • Pyramids, obviously, are a must see! Be careful of the beggars and people trying to sell things, the postcards they sell are a rip-off and careful when going to ride a camel because they sometimes might take you into the desert and demand more money, harmless really, but be cautious. Sharm El-Sheikh is beautiful. Beaches, nightlife, snorkeling and diving, etc. Don't stay by Na'ama Bay unless you love night life and crowds because it can be loud and the beaches aren't very nice there. Hotels that are farther from the Boardwalk are nicer but also have hotel shuttles to get you places. Taxis are recommended too, really cheap! Luxor is a really neat historical place. Valley of the Kings and Queens, King Tut's Tomb are well worth seeing. Bring lots of water, it gets really hot out in the desert while site-seeing here. Nile River Cruise is what many people do while they go to visit Egypt. It takes you from Cairo to Luxor or elsewhere depending on the cruise you choose. Felluca Ride is on the Nile River, they are pretty cheap to ride these sail boats and it gives an experience that you won't forget! It's great!
  • Some Tips: If you give money to one kid, you'll be giving it to all of them. Bring plenty of water wherever you go. Have a lot of extra "baksheesh" which is tip money, for all the little things you may need it for! Learn the word "no"-la'a and "thank you"-shokran!. You'll need that!
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Q: What are tourist suggestions for Egypt?
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Is Egypt a good tourist attraction?

Yes, Egypt is a good Tourist Attraction. In fact, it is one of the top tourist destinations throughout the world. Last month, I visited this wonderful country through the help of Complete Egypt. It is a worldwide company specialized in travel advice for Egypt around the world.

What is the tourist attraction of Egypt?

Pyrimids lol

What are some good tourist sites in Egypt?

The best tourist sites in Egypt are the ancient pyramids at Giza and the Luxor Temple. Other sites are the Temples at Edfu and Debod.

What are some of Egypt tourist attractions?

Sphinx, nile, piramids

What are some famous tourist attractions in Egypt?

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt is the tomb of King Tut. The Sphinx and the other pyramids are also of great interest to tourists.

What is the oldest tourist destination in the world?

It will still be the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Alexandria and Luxor are popular tourist spots in which Arab country?


Why do people visit Egypt pyramids?

Because it is a great tourist attraction.

What is the most important building in Egypt?

The most important building in Egypt is the hoffufu building. It is located in the lower part of Egypt, and is a great tourist attraction as well.

What are the most visited tourist spots in the world?

Paris New York ,Egypt

Does Egypt have camels?

Yes. They're used mainly for tourist purposes or for their meat.

How safe is Egypt?

it depends if your an Egyptian its safe if you are a tourist do not show valuables if on tour

What is the information on Lake Zeitun?

I believe it is a salt lake and a tourist attraction in Egypt.

Does pyramid still exist?

Pyramids still do exist in Egypt, but as tourist attractions.

Why the Nile River is a tourist attraction?

The Nile River goes through most of egypt.

What are pyramids use for in Egypt?

Nothing. Just tourist attractions that used to be lived in by the Egyptians.

Does the population in the Nile delta in Egypt vary by seasons?

In general during the tourist season.

What are pyramids used for in Egypt?

They were used as a final resting place for the Pharaoh. Now they are a tourist attraction.

How many tourist visit Egypt?

well more than a million people each year

Why is Giza a tourist attraction?

The three pyramids that most people associate with Egypt are the Pyramids of Giza.

Most well known tourist attractotion in Egypt?

The most well known attraction in Egypt is the great Pyramids! (Please recommend me as a contributor if you like my answers!)

What are pyramids used for in Egypt nowadays?

They are used as a tourist attraction. The insides are kept the way they were found and people come to see the same pyramid that was in ancient Egypt.

Is the sphinx a tourist attraction?

ya it is a very large one it is in Egypt right in front the great pyramid

What is a famous tourist attraction in Egypt?

Pyramids... Google, wiki and youtube it. You will find more info than you can digest.

Can a person go to Egypt?

Egypt has a robust tourist trade and many people visit yearly. As long as you meet the countries requirements and have the correct travel documents you can visit Egypt. The fare will vary depending on your point of origin and mode of travel.