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What are trams ran on?

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The majority of trams are powered by electricity, however some older trams are powered by steam or diesel.

Tram travel on tram rails. These are similar to train rails, but there are some important differences.

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The motto of Yarra Trams is 'Love Your Trams'.

Trams were used in Auckland between 1902 to 1956. (Electric trams).

Inekon Trams was created in 2001.

Trams run on wheels which go along tracks. Trams are trains which run in cities on or beside the streets.

Wikipedia provides information about the history of trams. One can also look on Railpage, Yarra Trams, and Groundwork East Midlands for information about the history of trams.

Trams are not bad for the environment, though if there a lot of them then sometimes they can cause damage. It would be best not to use trams.

Trams are electrically driven so in themselves they do not pollute.

trams were cool. my name is anabel, and i like to dance! trams are wicked in belguim and i nearly got run over.

Electric trams are associated with German inventor Werner von Siemens

The first electric tram operated between Box Hill and Doncaster from 1889 to 1896 when it was abandoned. After that cable trams ran exclusively until 1906 when the first permanent electric tram service began operation in the North Melbourne area. Cable trams were progressively phased out but continued to operate alongside the electric network until 26 October 1940.

Melbourne does not have the most trams in the world. Melbourne's claim to fame, as far as trams are concerned, is that it has the longest tram lines in the world, or at least amongst the longest.

They don't! (Unless they are cable, battery, steam or horse drawn trams).

Trams were invented to get people around cities, to reduce pollution, and for many other reasons.

You use trams to save you from having to drive around to get places. There are many advantages of using a tram.

they were invented in the 1800s

Melbourne, capital of the state of Victoria, still uses trams as a major form of transport. Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, also uses trams, but to a much lesser extent.

By Electric. They run on rails.

Trams 70, 75 and City Circle cross Elizabeth Street via Flinders Street Trams 11, 48, 109, 112 cross Elizabeth Street via Collins Street Trams 86, 95, 96 cross via Bourke Street Trams 24, 30 and City Circle cross via La Trobe Street Trams 19, 57 and 59 operate along Elizabeth Street

This question seems to be angled at the answer "trams", as trams run frequently and on numerous routes through the centre of Melbourne.

The currency in Armenia is drams or trams

* Car * Rail * Buses and trams

trams and trains and horse and cart

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