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What are triads?

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A triad has three elements from the Periodic Table that have something incommon weather the number of valence atoms or the number of protons and electrons.

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What are dobereiner's triads defect?

the main defect of' dobereiner's triads is that he put the chemically dissimilar elements in the same triads (

Who arranged the elements into triads?

The scientist who arranged the elements into triads was Dobereiner.

What are the two most common types of triad?

The two most common triads are the Major and the minor triad. The other two types of triads are diminished and augmented triads.

What are the importance of the triads of Johann Dobereiner?

Dobereiner's triads: the first attempt to classify chemical elements.

What structures form triads in skeletal muscle?

T tubules and sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) form triads.

What are chords and triads?

a note

Who arranged atom in the form of triads'?

Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner,a German chemist arranged atom in the form of triads in 1817.

When two triads are played?


Who develoed the Law of triads?

The Law of Triads was written by Johann Dobereiner in 1817. He was a German chemist, and the development of the Periodic Table began with him.

Dobereiner's triads refers to?

Dobereiner's Triads refers to an early arrangement of elements in which J.W. Dobereiner arranged them by their atomic mass in groups of three.

How was Döbereiner's concept of triads an important step in the developement of the periodic table?

Döbereiner (working after 1815) was the first which found some rules for the rational arrangement of chemical elements. He proposed in 1829 the law of triads - only five triads were discovered.

What are triads in music?

a three-note chord,

Who developed triads?

Triads literally means 'a group of three'. Could be the grouping of CRT phosphor dots, of a book series, and so on. It is an ancient and obvious concept.

When two triads are played at the same time?

When two triads are played at the exact same time, it is commonly called a Polychord. Poly typically means three.

What is the contribution of Dobereiner to the periodic table?

Discovery of triads

Who would Win between the Triads and the Mafia?


What do the initials TUC stand for?

Triads Union Congress

What are secondary triads in music?

they are the 23rd note in the piece

Is daniil part of the Russian mafia or triads?

There is no record of Daniil being part of the Russian mafia or Triads, that does not mean he does or does not have involvement. He is not currently on any lists as a member of that faction.

Was responsible for first grouping elements into triads based on similar properties?

Dobereiner was responsible for grouping element into triads. He grouped 3 element with same properties together.

What are the c major principal triads?

c b a g

How many minor triads are in a major scale?

In a major scale there are three minor triads. In every major scale the ii chord, iii chord, and vi chord are always minor.

Which of the Dobereiner triads shown are still listed in the same column of the modern periodic table?

These triads are: Li-Na-K, Ca-Sr-Ba, Cl-Br-I, S-Se-Te.

What limitation of Johann Dobereiner in periodic table?

Dobereiner gave triads for few elements. It could not be applied to other elements.So it was not considered further.

What scientific theory was Johann Dobereiner known for?

Discovery of triads in 1829.

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