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Fraternal (instead of identical)

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Can 2 offspring look the same?

There are instances where the genetic makeup of both off springs are the same. They are called identical twins

If Twins marry another set of twins would their children look the same?

No. Nobody looks the same because of environmental factors, even if their DNA is identical. But: If both of the parent-twins were identical, than the DNA of the children of both married couples would be as similar as the DNA of siblings. The cousins would not look the same, but would look more alike than most cousins look.

What is the difference between fraternal and identical twins?

identical twins are born at the same time AND look the same l. Fraternal twins are born at the same time but do not look identical..

Do Jeff and Matt Hardey look the same?

No they are not any kind of twins and they don't really look the same. If you looked at both of them and had no idea who they were you would have no idea they were brothers.

Why can twins look the same but aren't the same height length or weight?

Twins can either be identical or fraternal.Identical twins are obviously identical, and fraternal twins aren't. Fraternal twins are still born at the same time, hence the name "twins", but they do not look exactly alike. It is perfectly plausible for fraternal twins to look the same, but not be identical. Many fraternal twins appear to be identical, but are really not.Also, even identical twins don't stay the same height/weight their whole lives. Their height and weight would depend on their diet and exercise. If one was an active, healthy, person, and the other was a couch potato, they both wouldn't always be the same weight just because they are twins.

Why do twins look the same?

twins looks closely the same for is the same gametes produced by their parents that split into two, develop and form the twins

What are babies born to the same mother at the same time called?

Twins Also, they are called identical twins if they come from the same egg

Do twins have to have the same color hair?

Not all the time if they do and look the sane then they're idendentical twins, if they look totally opposite they they're fraternal twins

What are twins formed from the same zygote?

Twins that are formed from one zygote are called identical twins. Those that are formed from two zygotes are called fraternal twins.

Are aly and aj twins?

No. They Look just like twins but they both are just sisters. Aly is 19 and AJ is 17 No,there sisters that look very alike but Aly is older and Aj is younger and they don't have the same birthdays

What are freternal twins?

freternal twins are born on the same day but don't look alike.

What is the same?

the same is a completely 100% identical copy of something, somethings are more the same than others, i.e. those twins look the same, while those twins dont look nearly as the same

Who is the oldest in the bella twins?

They are both the same age.

If girl twins married boy twins would their children look the same?

no because they dont have the same exact genes

How is a fraternal twin different from other twins?

Identical twins come from a single fertilized ovum, and are always of the same sex. Fraternal twins come from separate ova, and may be of different sex. Its ferternal.actualy, furturnal twins are normal. identical twins are rare. identical twins are twins that look axactly alike, and furturnal twins do not look the same.

What is the different between identical twins and franternal twins?

Identical twins look precisely "identical" - they came from the same egg. Fraternal twins (which can be the same sex or opposite sexes) do not look all that much alike, and came from two separate eggs.

What makes identical twins identical?

Identical twins are identical because they both came from the same egg. The term "Identical" is used as they look very much like each other and anybody can say that they are twins by just looking at them.

What are fraternal twins?

Fraternal twins are two siblings that have the same birth day, but do not look identical.

What is twins developing from the same egg cell called?

identical twins, as opposed to fraternal.

Can the twins feel the same?

Twins might Look the same or choose to do the same things but they dont Feel the same things. Twins have their own Bodies and its not like they share one so THE ANSWER IS NO. And i sould know becuase i am a Twin :/

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