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Q: What are two common sources of nuclear energy?
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What are common sources of Nuclear energy?

Two common sources of nuclear energy are the fusion reaction in the Sun, and the fission reaction in various nuclear power plants. Both release binding energy (Strong Atomic Force) which manifests, primarily, as heat.

What are two major sources of energy?

Nuclear and hydraulics (or gravity)

What are the two main sources of energy that give to the national grid?

nuclear energy and burning fossil fuels to push turbines that make electricity. ************************************************* the two main sources are burning lots of fossil fuels and nuclear energy

What are two sources of energy humans have access to?

Nuclear power, solar power.

What two sources of energy are the most common ways to cook a Christmas meal?

The two main sources of energy gas and electricity.

Which two energy sources can help a star maintain its internal thermal pressure?

nuclear fusion and gravitational contraction

What are two sources of DNA besides the nuclear DNA in plant cells?

Besides nuclear DNA two other sources of DNA are mitochondria and chloroplasts. Cytoplasmic inheritance is influenced by the DNA from these two sources.

What are two sources of thermal energy?

The two types of thermal energy sources are Geothermal and Thermal Energy

What are two sources of electrical energy?

there are not just two electrical sources of energy there are lots but two could be solar and biomass

How does earth get all its energy?

idk :D

What are the other sources or energy besides the sun?

Most sources of energy we use (such as heat, burning wood, etc.) come indirectly from the Sun. The two major exceptions are:* Radioactive materials, or materials from which we can get energy through nuclear fission (as well as fusion, once we learn to do that). * Tidal energy - in this case, the energy comes from Earth's rotation.

How two energy sources connect to the load?