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Q: What are two examples of ocean secondary consumers?
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Who are the secondary consumers in the ocean ecosystem?

there are two secondary ocean consumers comb jelly fish and cnidarian which includes octopus

What is Two examples found in your food web?

primary and secondary consumers

What is a secondar consumer in the ocean?

A secondary consumer is one that eats a primary consumer, and is therefore either carnivorous or omnivorous. These trophic levels are not innate to the organism, and it can change its behavior and therefore its place in the food chain. Producers cannot become consumers, and consumers cannot become producers, but secondary consumers can become primary consumers, or tertiary consumers, etc. Two examples of secondary consumers in the ocean would be the orca (a carnivorous mammal), and the whale shark (an omnivorous fish). Secondary consumers are not necessarily apex predators, although those two are. Squids are also typically secondary consumers, and are not apex predators.

Two secondary ocean consumers?

Comb jellyfish and cnidarians which includes octopus

List two examples of secondary pollutant?

Volcanic gases and ash are two examples of secondary pollutant

What are two secondary consumers in an intertidal zone?


Give two examples each of primary and secondary fuels?

Examples of primary fuels - wood, coal Examples of secondary fuels - charcoal, coke

What are examples of tertiary consumers in swamps or wetlands?

I suppose crocodiles and alligators are two examples.

Two example of secondary and primary data?

Common examples for secondary data are newspapers, books and internet. Some examples for primary data are questionnaires, interviews and observations.

What is an example of a ocean?

Two examples are the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Both are a very large expanse of sea.

What are two examples of mechanical weathering along an ocean beach?


What are two primary ocean consumers?

Zoo plankton Green sea turtles Manatees Dugong Mullet

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