What are two executive powers of congress?


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The President has Executive powers, Congress has Legislative powers.

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The two Executive Powers given to Congress are: The Senate must confirm any Presidential appointments by a majority vote, and the Senate is required to confirm all treaties by a two-thirds vote.

both legislative and executive powers

Some of the non legislative powers of Congress are to amend the constitution and oversee the executive branch. Congress also has the power to impeach the President.

judicial is the court system legislative is congress and executive is the president

The states were denied the taxing, spending, and foreign affairs powers. These powers were given to Congress or the Executive Branch.

From its one chamber the legislature of the Second Continental Congress exercised both legislative and executive powers. Therefore, it is known as a unicameral legislature.

The Second Continental Congress exercised both legislative and executive powers. This convention of delegates was established on May 10, 1775.

Congress shares the foreign relations powers with the Executive branch. As such, the President cannot declare war without consent from Congress, whilst Congress cannot dictate how a war is conducted.

Two powers of the executive branch are being able to veto a bill and appoint supreme court justices.

The Continental Congress went through three incarnations between 1774 and 1789. All three incarnations of this Congress possessed both legislative and executive powers.

power of the president to issue executive orders; originates from the constitution and acts of congress

veto bills call special sessions to congress and enforced laws

the congress(legislative branch) checks the powers of the president(executive branch).....

the government and arm forcess

There are two presidential powers which are executive action and executive agreements. Executive action is the rights over declaring war and executive agreement is a pact made between foreign nations and the President.

Congress has expressed and implied powers. Expressed are strictly stated powers in the Constitution. Implied powers are derived from the elastic clause of the Constitution.

implying and enforcing the laws written by congress. Members of the executive branch include the president, the vice president, the executive office of the president, and the cabinet.

Military power and trade power are two of the tree powers of congress. The third power of congress is fiscal power.

One of the expressed powers of congress is the ability to collect taxes. Another expressed power of congress is to support the Armies.

the executive branches main powers are:veto bills/lawscall special sessions to congressenforce lawsapprove bills/laws:) you're welcome (:

The executive branch is limited by the powers of the other branches. For example, the President needs permission from Congress before declaring a war.

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