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Q: What are two functions of the states that help the nation?
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What are two functions of political parties?

The main functions of political parties is to conscientize citizens about the nation's political issues. Political parties also help to ensure good governance and accountability.

Which country has one nation and two states?

Pakistan has one nation and two states, which are Punjab and Sindh.

What two states gave land for our nation's capital?

Maryland and Virginia donated land for the nation's capital.

Which two states refuse to join the nation if slavery was abolished?


What are two functions of feathers?

Two functions are to help aid in flight (only for flight feathers) and to provide an insulation for the bird against the hot and cold weather.

Names two functions of living cells?

they organize, the help things grow.

What nation did Garibaldi invade?

* The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (Sicily and Naples) * Most of the Papal States Incidentally, they were states, not nations.

Why we write java program using classes?

Classes are well organised functions in java which help discriminate between two different functions.

What two functions do the contractions of labor serve?

Not sure if this is a rhetorical question, as it asks for 'two' functions, but: Contractions open the cervix, and also help to move the baby down the birth canal.

What are the two main functions of fruit for a plant?

The two main functions of fruit for a plant are to protect and disperse seeds. Fruits help protect seeds from environmental stress, predation, and damage. They also aid in seed dispersal by attracting animals that eat the fruit and then spread the seeds through their droppings.

What were the earliest types of states?

the two earliest types of state is the city state and the nation state

What are two functions of the cytosketeton?

It gives support to the cell. It help to maintain shape and anchor organells