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  • Lower emissions of CO and other greenhouse gases
  • Hybrids provide a better mileage.
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Q: What are two good things about having a hybrid car?
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Which two things does a hybrid car use to run?

a hybrid car uses electricity and gasoline.

Is it good a hybrid car to do pizza deliveries?


What type of fuel should be used in a hybrid car?

This depends in the make of the hybrid car, but generally you can use regular unleaded fuel in your hybrid car without having an issue with your car. It is best to consult the deal about fuel before making a purchase.

What is a good hybrid sports cars?

The Subaro "Scrambler" is a very high ranked hybrid sports car, as well as the Madzda Miata and the Dodge Durango. The Lexus is also a very popular hybrid sports car, and it is a very good sports car.

What are the bad things about having a car?

It releses carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that not good to breathe in.

What is meant by the term hybrid?

"Hybrid" means a mix of (at least) two things. A hybrid car includes a small gas engine and electric motors.

Is an infiniti hybrid a good first car?

It might not be best for a hybrid to be your first car as you may not be used to the way hybrids work and would probably be more comfortable with a normal car.

What Hybrid car has the best mileage?

I think the Prius is the hybrid car with the best mileage. I have shopped many websites looking for them, and overall they are the best. Of course, the smartcar is good too.

What is the best hybrid car?

Cadillac escalade hybrid

What are the new methods for electricity generation such as hybrid car and other things?

There is nothing new in a hybrid car: just motor/generators and batteries. The batteries have improved significantly recently, but they aren't new.

How much does a car that gets good mileage cost?

It depends if you want a hybrid, electric (does not need gas), or a normal car that has good gas mileage. A hybrid would probably be the best choice. The average new hybrid is about 15,000 to 25,000 dollars depending what make and model you get.

What is the differnece between a hybrid dog and a hybrid car?

Count the legs. If there ANY, it is not a car.

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