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those two lines are perpendicular lines

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Q: What are two lines that don't go over each other more than once?
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How are perpendicular lines like intersecting lines?

perpendicular lines are similar to intersecting lines because that's what they are. Intersecting lines are two lines that cross each other. Perpendicular lines are the same, two lines crossing each other, just with a more specific rule to have right angles.

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What the definition of parallel lines?

Parallel lines are two or more lines that run perfectly straight, into infinite, next to each other so that none of the lines will ever touch.

What is an intersecting line?

An intersection is the point at which two or more lines touch or cross, therefore, lines are intersecting when they cross each-other.

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What does the lines outside yin yang mean?

The lines represent yin and yang as the grow and fall from each other. The full lines represent yang (white) and the broken lines represent yin (black). The more full lines in the tetragram, the more yang influence. Thus, the more broken lines in the tetragram, the more yin influence.

Can a given point be in more than one line?

Yes. The lines would cross each other

What is the locus of point equidistant from two intersecting lines?

The locus in a plane is two more intersecting lines, perpendicular to each other (and of course half-way between the given lines.

What two lines meet at a point?

I think you're talking about an intersection. An intersection is where two or more separate lines meet each other in one point.

Can a pair of lines be both parallel and skew?

No. Parallel has a specific meaning. For lines to be parallel, they have to lie in a common plane, but not touch each other. If they are skew, they still don't touch each other, but they now do not lie in a common plane. More specifically, skew lines, by definition, are not co-planar.

How does parallels meet?

Parallel lines cannot meet each other at all.Read the questions below to know and understand more.Q2. It is look like this -> it can also be like this -> \\ but they must be same and they don't meet each other it can also be like this too -> = and more but cannot meet each other. Q3. You just cannot meet each other that's all, all you need to remember is they just cannot meet each other not like perpendicular lines they can meet each other but parallel lines don't meet each other.Q4. It is easy to remember parallel lines because when you see ll in the word parallel lines means it is parallel lines.Parallel lines has two ll just like this \\,,= that i just showed you just now at question number two.Q5.So remember parallel lines cannot meet each other and when you see two ll it means that is parallel lines.It is so easy to remember parallel lines.