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It's Hard to narrow it down to 2 destinct features. Humans have most of the defining characteristics of primates:

1) A shortened snout that contains at least three types of teeth.

2) Eye Sockets (orbits) that face forward and are protected on the side, toward the back, by bone (post-orbital bar).

3) Three little bones of the middle ear housed within an outgrowth (pestrosal bulla) of the skull, instead of being contained in a separate bone.

4) Collar bones (clavical bones).

5) Fingernails and toenails instead of claws.

6) Two separate bones in the forearm (radius and ulna) and leg (tibia and fibula).

7) Grasping feet (except for humans) and hands, with mobility of thumbs and big toes as well as other individual digits.

8) Tendency toward vertical posture.

9) Trend toward longer lives with longer periods of infancy, childhood, and adulthood.

10) Enlarged Brains with increased areas for seeing and decreased areas for smelling.

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Q: What are two major features which define humans as primates?
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