What are two positive charged objects?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What are two positive charged objects?
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How will two positive charged objects interact?

Opposites attract

What provides a pushing force that propels objects in the opposite dirrection?

two similarly charged objects, two positive charges will repel an two negative charges will repel.

What are two negatively charged objects expected to do when they are brought together?

They repel each other like positive ones do. If one is negatively charged, and the other is positive, then they will move towards eachother!

If the electric fields of two charged objects form a closed pattern of field lines how are the objects charged?

They would be "oppositely" charged. In other words, one object would need to be positive and the other would need to be negative.

What happens when two positively charged objects are brought together?

what happens when 2 positive charges interact

What does a charged object exert on other charged objects?

It depends on what the charge is on both of the objects. If object 'A' is negative and object 'B' is negative, the two will repel or move away from each other. This is the same if both 'A' and 'B' are positive. However, if one is positive and one is negative, then the two will attract, or move closer.

Why do two objects repel each other?

anions (negatively charged objects) repel cations (positively charged objects)

The electric force between two charged objects is influenced by?

The electric force between two charged objects is influenced by the distance between them.

How do charged objects interact with each other differently from the way a charged object interacts with neutral objects?

Two objects that are similarly charged will repel, while two objects with opposite charges will attract. Moreover, a neutral object will attract either charges

What kinds of objects pick up electrons easily?

These are electrically positive objects.

Does a positive charge object attrac a positive charge object?

No, because same charged objects repel each other.

What are electrostatic forces?

A force that acts between particles with opposite chargesAPEX