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Walmart and Target both sell fibre optic Christmas trees. These range in price from $50-$300 depending on the size and style your are interested in. They are only carried in stock around the Christmas season.

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Q: What are two stores where one can buy a fibre optic Christmas tree?
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Where could someone purchase an optic Christmas tree?

A person can purchase an optic Christmas tree from numerous stores. Stores such as Walmart, Zellers, Sears, eBay, and Target sell optic Christmas trees.

Where could someone purchase a purple fiber optic Christmas tree?

A purple fiber optic Christmas tree can be purchased from all good garden centers and homeware stores. Try Ikea, or webpage stores such as Amazon or Ebay.

What's the use of a Fiber Optic christmas tree?

Fiber Optic Christmas trees are the same as regular Christmas trees except that they come pre-lit. There is no need to hang lights on the tree. These trees can be purchased at stores such as Walmart.

Where can you find a transformer for a fibre optic Christmas tree it is more like a push in male joint of a radio headset?

yes it is mine is lost.

Where can Ibuy a TYC42 12v synchronous motor?

where can I buy a TYC50-12 synchronous motor for a fibre optic christmas tree

Where can a person purchase fiber optic trees?

A person can purchase a fibre optic tree either online or in stores. In Stores, one can purchase one at Walmart. Online, one can purchase one on either Amazon or Ebay. Hope that answered the question as much as possible.

When were fiber optic Christmas trees invented?

A fiber optic Christmas tree is a decorative piece that comes in a variety of different sizes. A pre-lit tree saves the hassle of stringing lights during the holiday season. Fiber optic lights come in number of pretty colors that can be matched to most any decor.

Need Bradford Novelty Co fiber optic Christmas tree model 7270.8 parts list for base?

Yes Christmas Tree Parts

What stores sell pizzele cookies?

Christmas tree shop

Where can one go to purchase a fiber optic Christmas tree?

There are several places you can buy fiber optic Christmas trees. You can buy these trees at Sears, Walmart, Target, Ebay, Amazon, craigslist, and Meijer.

Where can you find a replacement AC adapter for a 4 ft fiber optic Christmas tree?

To get the right replacement AC adapter for you fiber optic Christmas tree you should contact the company that makes the tree. There should be a information sticker attached to the base that will contain the phone number needed and the model number of the tree.

Where can someone view images of Christmas fiber optic trees?

Images of Christmas fiber optic trees can be found at Artificial Christmas Tree, Christmas Central, Christmas Lights, Etc., Gadgets and Gizmos, Toys R Us Linens 'n Things, and Sears.