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The old classic is rub your tummy and pat your head.

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Q: What are two things you can do simultaneously?
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How do you use the use simultaneously in a sentence?

He did his homework and guitar lessons simultaneously. This means he did there two things together.

Can somebody do two things simultaneously?

u can kiss and kick

What does it mean if two things are happening simultaneously?

If two things are happening simultaneously, it means that they are happening at the same time. For example, if you said something in response to someone and the person next to you said the same thing at the same exact time, that would be happening simultaneously.

What percentage of people can write with both their hands two different things simultaneously?

probably 1 out of 10

Use simultaneously in a sentence-?

The twins simultaneously read thier speeches.

Can two brothers hold the title of baron simultaneously?

Two brothers could feasibly hold the title of Baron simultaneously.

What part of speech is the word simultaneous?

The word simultaneous is an adjective. It describes two or more things happening at the same time.

What are two things that are the same about all light waves?

All light waves behave in two ways, simultaneously. Light of any kind acts as both a wave and a ray.

Can you simultaneously do nothing and something?

No, you cannot do two opposing things at once. Nor can one do "nothing", even the dead rot. You can do "something". Pick well.

What is the definition of pelted?

things being thrown at something or someone simultaneously.

Is attacking two countries simultaneously a good idea?


How is co dominance and incomplete dominance similar?

They both express two things simultaneously.