What are two ways to protect?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: What are two ways to protect?
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What are two ways for a snake to protect themselves?

By biting people

Two ways you can protect your eyes from the sun?

You could wear sunglasses or a visor.

Describe two ways in which turtles protect themselves?

Turtles protect themselves by drawing their limbs, tail, and head into their shells

What are the ways to preserve and protect your country?

what are the ways to preserve and protect our country?

What are two ways to protect your respiratory system?

1-)Do not smoke. 2-) Get fresh air :)

In what two ways do white blood cells work?

protect from bacterial infection increase our immunity

How do animals protect themsleves from enemies?

There are two different ways that animals can protect them selves there's camouflage, weapons (animal parts used for attack)

In what two ways does the first amendment protect freedom of religion?

The Establishment Clause and the The Free Excercise Clause

What two ways you can protect you hearing?

use ear plugs and don't listen to very loud music.

What are two ways all cells are alike?

all cells have a nucleus and are covered by a membrane to protect it from getting damaged.

In what ways does the bill of rights protect individual from the power of government?

in what ways does the Bill of Rights protect individuals from the power of government

What are ways to protect your identity?

three way to protect identity theft