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Q: What are unique words to describe white stones?
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What are unique words to describe white?

Answeralabaster, milky, snowy, pearl, cloudy, pale,achromatic[colorless] , palid, waxen (those are words for white)

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funny and unique

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True Blue.

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Unique and iconic.

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elegant beautiful amazing unique

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unique, unlike

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nice and fun

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black and white

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No words can describe this unique and untouched island. It's beauty is like no other.

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She is unique, flamboyant and a really good vocalist.

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Unique! Unforgettable!

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Unique, Inspiring, Talented

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unique, unpredictable, Ubiquitous, ugly :), ultimate, urban Dont necessarily describe me, but can be used to describe people

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The Great White Way

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Glittery, white

What are some good words to describe snow?


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unique and colorful in many ways

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Unique. Spiritual. Human, Talented. Priceless.

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Tomboy, Punk, Cool, Unique. Canadian

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slippy white hard dangerous