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Q: What are up link and down link frequencies of gps?
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What are up link and down link frequencyof gps?

GPS satellites transmit on two primary frequencies; band L1 is 1.57542 GHz, and band L2 is 1.22760 GHz. The uplink frequency is restricted and/or classified information.

How do you set up the Droid's GPS stand?

Once you've put the GPS stand (or car dock) on the windshield or the pad put the lever down on the GPS stand.

GPS tracking from a cell phone.?

Yes GPS tracking can still pick up signals in remote areas however they may not show a real time display as it would when you are in a more populated area. Most GPS tracking in remote areas is displayed through a satellite up-link and can take time to send and receive images from that up-link location.

Why the up link frequency is higher than the down link frequency in satellites?

High frequencies are more difficult to generate and manipulate. Consequently, the higher frequency is assigned to the ground station which has far more resources than the space component.

How expensive is an igolf gps?

There are a few models to choose from when you are looking to purchase an iGolf gps. The prices can range from $79.99 up to $499.99. The following is a link to the iGolf website, which has a variety of gps systems to choose from,

What are the reviews for the popular gps navigation systems?

The best GPS company out there is probably Magellan. To keep your GPS up to date, you must update the maps annually. This way you can view new roads and roads that have been closed down.

What is up link down link frequency for CDMA?


Why it is called up link and down link in mobile communition?

it is so called because the gsm antena throw the signal from up to mobile so it is caled down link

What can I do to fix this everytime I key up my CB radio it causes my GPS receiver to lose signal and I have to unplug it and plug it in again to get signal back GPS is outside opposite of antennae?

There is no way to solve the problem. Because of the high power of the CB transmitter and the low power of the satellite signals, the CB signal clips the GPS receiver, and it can even damage your GPS. The CB and the GPS unit work on entirely different frequencies, to be sure, but the fact that a several watt transmitter of any kind is right on top of a GPS unit can hammer the GPS. There is no way to "limit" the radiated power of the CB (if you still want it to work) so that it won't affect the GPS.

What causes colour?

Light is made up of radiation of different wavelengths/frequencies; our eyes can perceive some of these differences in wavelengths/frequencies.Light is made up of radiation of different wavelengths/frequencies; our eyes can perceive some of these differences in wavelengths/frequencies.Light is made up of radiation of different wavelengths/frequencies; our eyes can perceive some of these differences in wavelengths/frequencies.Light is made up of radiation of different wavelengths/frequencies; our eyes can perceive some of these differences in wavelengths/frequencies.

In GSM which frequency uplink or downlink is greater?

Up-link freq is higher than down-link freq in GSM You answer is wrong Correct answer is that, down-link frequency is greater than the up-link frequency in GSM. Up-link Frequency = 890 MHz - 915 MHz Down-link Frequency = 935 MHz - 960 MHz

What are telecommunication links?

In satellite communication, up link refers to the signal traveling up to the satellite while down link refers to the signal coming from the satellite down to earth.

How many satellites make up the gps?

There are 6 satelites that make up the gps

Where is the level select in nyancat?

(up up down down left right left right b a enter) do this codeOpen in Google Docs ViewerOpen link in new tabOpen link in new windowOpen link in new incognito windowDownload fileCopy link addressEdit PDF File on

How do you open door 9 on 100 exits?

Make the cars face up up down up down down. Then open the door. See related link for screenshots.

How to set up a GPS tracker in my car?

Buy a GPS tracker and set it into car

Why must a satellite have a distinct up link and down link frequencies?

This is done to avoid crosstalk. If, for example the up and down -links were on the same frequency, it would work much like a walkie-talkie, meaning only one person could send, and one receive, at any given point in time. By giving each direction its own carrier wave, it allows both deviced to send and receive simultaneously, which greatly speeds communication.

What are the uses of a gps receiver module?

They ensure that the gps works correctly. They make sure that the gps is up to its best quality. I would reccomend that anyone who has a gps gets this for their product.

What makes up GPS systems, what do they have?

GPS is the tracking system used to track a person or object . The GPS system is made up of tracker device for more information you may search the web .

Where can I find out about free GPS tracking online?

I am setting up a GPS tracker and would like to find out about free GPS tracking services. Where can I learn about free GPS tracking online?

Are hand held gps good for young drivers?

Hand held gps systems would not be good for young drivers, because they are inexperienced drivers. They could end up crashing their vehicle or running off the road, because they are paying more attention to their hand held gps unit. Here is link for verification:

Why up-link frequency is different from down-link?

To allow duplex operation or talk and listen at the same time.

How do you open the door on level 9 on 100 exits?

Change the cars direction to: Up Up Down Up Down Down. Then tap the door. See related link for screenshots.

Can a GPS and satellite radio share one car antenna?

Yes, because my dad used a GPS while traveling from Florida to New Jersey in a car to make it easier to get from destination to destination. NO! GPS And satellite radio are two different things. They cannot share an antenna. GPS and Radio are on 2 different frequencies GPS, GPS travels on a L1 Frequency up to 1575 MHz while radio is on BANDS, Like Sirius is on S band which holds DATA and Sound unlike GPS which holds DATA Only. So an Antenna that's on a car cannot receive both, the technology IS out there, but ONLY on NEW cars 2007 and UP :Bailors Of course they can. Any two receivers can share any one antenna. But depending on the frequencies that each of them is trying to receive, and on the antenna input circuit of each receiver, and on the characteristics of the antenna, and on the exact method of connecting both receivers to it, the number of receivers that deliver acceptable performance may be both, or one, or neither.

What is the best quality GPS system?

My sister actually purchased a GPS system not to long ago. I don't know what type it is but I know it was really cheap and works excellent. Here is what I came up with on GPS Electronics GPS & Navigation Vehicle GPS