What are used in zip codes?

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Numbers are used in zip codes.

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Q: What are used in zip codes?
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Can you get international zip codes?

Zip Codes are only used in the United States. There are no international zip codes.

What is Rwanda's zip code?

Zip codes, or postal codes, are not used in Rwanda.

What are the zip codes for Ireland?

Zip codes are not used in the Republic of Ireland, though there are some used in Northern Ireland.

What zip code of Pakistan cities?

Zip codes are used in USA. Pakistan has postal codes

What is the zip code for Scarsdale?

ZIP codes aren't used in the UK.

Florida ZIP code?

Florida has over 1469 zip codes. Zip codes are used by the post office to assist with sorting the mail.

Are ZIP code and PIN code the same?

Both ZIP Codes and PIN Codes are postal codes. ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) Codes are used in the United States and in the Philippines (two completely separate systems of postal codes); PIN (Postal Index Number) codes are used in India.

What is Los Angles zip code?

Los Angeles, California has several zip codes that are used. A few of the zip codes are 90001, 90024, 90022, etc.

What is the zip code number for Ghana?

Ghana does not have ZIP Codes. ZIP Codes are postal codes only in the United States. Other countries have postal codes, but they do not have ZIP Codes.

Why are there so many different zip codes?

Zip codes are used to sort physical mail for delivery to each home. The more zip codes that are used means that mail will be sorted more accurately and mail will arrive at its destination faster.

What are the zip codes of states in the US?

States do not have zip codes. Locations have zip codes. There are multible zip codes in each state and in a large city. Want to know a zip code go to:

How many ZIP codes does Denver CO have?

27 zip codes

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