What are vinyl window?

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Vinyl windows have a vinyl covering so that will be no need for painting or worry about rotting wood. Vinyl windows are often double pane gas filled to give better insulation.

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Q: What are vinyl window?
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Are vinyl stickers and vinyl window decals the same thing?

It's a matter of semantics but vinyl stickers is a catch all term, whereas vinyl window decals are more specific and a subset of "vinyl stickers". Vinyl window decals are usually static cling and have a clear backing, or frosted background, though not always. It really depends on the item. In answer to your question, vinyl window decals are a type of vinyl stickers, just as apples are a type of fruit. Hope this helps.

Are vinyl replacement windows important?

Vinyl windows are very important to a home.A replacement window will conserve energy in all seasons. The vinyl is the plastic material around the glass that fits where your old wooden window pane set. You can purchase vinyl window replacements online,at home stores,or window dealers in the yellow pages.

What are vinyl window covers?

There are several types of window covers made from vinyl, including shutters, awnings, and shades. See

How much does a window weigh?

The shipping weight of a 30W x 40H vinyl window is about 150 lbs.

Do vinyl windows stay cooler than metal ones?

Metal transmits heat and cold better than vinyl does, so a metal window frame would heat up quicker and hotter than a vinyl window frame. That temperature change might also affect the insulating properties of the window.

Are all vinyl windows more energy efficient than wood windows?

Generally speaking vinyl windows will be more energy efficient than other window typs Make sure you choose a quality vinyl window,it ill help with your energy cost.

Where can someone get a vinyl replacement window?

Pella, Sears, Window Replacement, Lowes, Home Renovations, and Home Depot all offer vinyl replacement windows as well as offer instructions regarding how to install.

Where can one purchase vinyl window blinds?

One can purchase vinyl window blinds from many online retailers and stores. They are available to buy from Ikea, Blinds2Go, eBay, Target, Direct Blinds and Walmart.

What is a vinyl window and how much is it?

Vinyl windows are replacing old wood windows now. They need less upkeep, never need painted. The cost can be about $150 to more than $300 per window.

What type of vinyl should you use for rear window?

The thickest and clearest you can find.

How do you cover your shower window?

If you go to the bathroom section at home depot or lowes they have a special vinyl that sticks to the window especially for that.

Where can I buy vinyl window fabric to replace the vinyl windows on my lanai?

All the answers I see refer to the newer 'vinyl windows' not the older lanai windows that held vinyl fabric instead of glass. I also need info on this...

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