What are wampum used for?

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it was used as a belt

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Q: What are wampum used for?
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What is the purpose of the wampum?

For decorating on them such as the wampum belt, it is used as a belt. The wampum beads is used to make a necklace. From: Eric N.

What is the wampum belt used for?

The wampum belt was used by the Iroquois for trade, to tell stories, etc.

What is a sentence for wampum?


How did the Iroquois use the wampum belt?

The Iroquois used wampum belts to tell things about the past. They were also used to remind people of the Great Peace.

What was wampum and why was it important?

The Wampum are sacred shell beads used by most of the Eastern Woodlands Tribes. They're made from the inner spiral of a spiral sea shell. They were used by the Natives to decorate sacred objects, and to make the renowned Wampum Belts. When the Europeans came, they used Wampum shells as a medium of exchange, which the natives had not done until then.

What is the definition of wampum?

Wampum was a bead made from shells. For many years it was a key currency used in the colonial times. The purple ones were particularly prized, as there was only a small part of the shell that could be used to make them. Wealthy Indians and even colonists would wear belts and sashes of wampum. Actually, Wampums are money that some Native Americans use. Please note: Wampum or Wampum belts, were not used as money among Native American tribes as that was a European introduction where colonists used it as a medium of exchange (money). wampum was invented by the iroquis

Why is wampum important to the Iroquois?

It was a belt used to tell stories.

What is a sentence with wampum?

I'm all out of wampum. These dark purple shells will make the wampum necklace more valuable.

Why is wampum important to Native Americans?

Wampum was important to SOME American Indian. Some northeastern tribes used wampum belts as a monetary system to trade for furs or whatever was valued at the time. More importantly, those wampum belts would tell the family history of the maker.

What did Native Americans use a wampum for?

Wampum belts were used by some tribes as a form of money. They were traded for goods or services. More importantly, however, is that the wampum belts were also mostly sacred records of a persons family.

Is the Cherokees money called wampum?

No, the "wampum" is completely mythical. Or is it... (it isn't)

Where is the Wampum Area Historical Society Inc in Wampum Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Wampum Area Historical Society Inc is: 3384 State Route 18, Wampum, PA 16157-3610

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