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Q: What are waves that bounce back called?
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What is it called when waves bounce from a surface back toward the source?


When waves bounce back off of another surface it is called?

Reflection or refraction if the wave scatters.

What are echoes and how are they formed?

Sound that bounces back is called an echo and they are formed when sound waves are called a bellend.1. Sound travels in waves2. These waves bounce of nearly everything3. Sometimes these waves get absorbed or run out of energy4. If you are in a big room/place with nothing in these sound waves bounce around and end up coming back to your ears!

Why Waves refracts?

not all of the waves are reflected.This is how it goes,if sound waves hit a smooth,hard surface.Some of the sounds are reflected.the sound that bounce back is called an echo

When the sound waves hit the ocean floor they bounce back or?

yes they bounce back now can i ask a question

Part of atmosphere used to bounce shortwave radio waves?

Radio waves bounce off of the ionosphere and return back to Earth.

What is it called when waves bounce off of a barrier?


What is it called when light waves bounce off matter?

It's called "reflection".

Radio waves bounce and return to earth?

The Radio waves are reflected back to Earth in the Ionosphere.

How do curtains and carpets help in acoustical control?

A simple answer from a simple man. Sound waves travel until they hit something solid and then bounce back. Carpet and curtains are not even solid surfaces where sound waves can bounce back from. If they (the sound waves), have nothing to bounce from they stop traveling. The material of the carpet and curtain actually redirects the sound waves throughout the material instead of coming back to you.

Why is the ionosphere important for communication?

It is what radio waves bounce off of.

What is it called when seismic waves bounce backwards as it reaches a boundary?