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What are ways to prevent air pollution?

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instead of driving places, walk or ride your bike. Don't use too much gas because thats part of the problem. if you live in the city, well theres more air pollution. if you live in the country, lucky you! not too much. Learn to walk more places. Sure it can be tiring, but it definitely helps. YOUR WELCOME!

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How can prevent an air pollution?

we can prevent air pollution in many ways; we can stop traffic in our city, we can prevent not burning crackers in our roads or buildings

what should drivers do to prevent from air pollution?

their are many ways to prevent air pollutionfirst is to keep your environment clean and do not keep your environment dirty.

What are some ways to control air pollution?

Air polution is a major problem in society in this age. However, there are ways to prevent it. An easy way to prevent it is to buy an eco-friendly car.

Why is it important to prevent air pollution?

its important to stop prevent air pollution because it could cause death.

What are 5 ways in which Air pollution impacts on community?

Air pollution impacts a community in many ways. Air pollution is a health hazard. Air pollution soils buildings. Air pollution negatively impacts tourism. Air pollution causes premature death of plant life. Air pollution also causes aging of buildings and structures.

Ways to prevent vehicular pollution?

Keep the vehicle tuned up and in good working order. A clogged air filter or worn spark plugs can cause unnecessary pollution.

What are the measures taken to prevent air pollution?

Some measures taken to prevent air pollution are the regulating of businesses that dispel chemicals into the air. Some states also require automobiles to pass an air exhaust test called a smog test. Manufacturers of chemical sprays are also regulated to prevent air pollution.

What are two ways in which governments can help to reduce air pollution?

Two ways in which governments can help to reduce air pollution are through regulations to reduce air pollution and increased funding for public transportation.

What are the ways to prevent red tide?

=Ways to prevent red tide is to stop pollution like sewage leaks ,and fertilizers=

How can air pollution prevent?

by people not littering or smoking

What are ways in which one can prevent air pollution. Identify four factors that determine climate.?

what are some examples of harmful greenhouse gasses

Why do reed palms help prevent air pollution?

because the air is dumb

What are some ways to prevent global environmental problems?

Pollution control is one of the best ways to prevent global environmental problems.

What are the ways of eliminating or minimizing air pollution?

i can help in minimizing air pollution by stop throwing the thrashes everywhere...

What are some slogans for the air pollution?

Here are some slogan ideas: 1. Reduce air pollution & increase your life span.2. Air pollution is a ladder to destruction of nature.3. Prevent air pollution, protect nature.

Ways to prevent pollution in the environment?

the ways to prevent pollution are: 1. afforestation 2. reducing the usage of plastic bags and use environment friendly bags. should have high chimneys. 4. water pollution should be reduced.

How does recycling reduce air pollution?

We can prevent air pollution by recycling materials that can be reused such as glass,paper,batteries and aluminum cans.

Why do you need to prevent air pollution?

We need to prevent air pollution so that we would not be sick, and so that we would not have health problems and we could save money. Another big problem with air pollution is carbon dioxide which is causing global warming. Factories and power plants have to pay fees for air pollution. This will encourage them to be cleaner and greener.

What are some ways to prevent soil pollution?

Pollution can be prevented by searching for nonharmful ways of doing things, such as organic farming versus conventional farming. Another way is to prevent pouring toxic substances on the ground.

What are some ways that you can prevent water pollution?

Tell everyone don't liter

What causes air pollution to decrease?

We cannot decrease air pollution, but there are many ways of decreasing the level that it is rising in, for example, recycling.

How do you prevent from air pollution?

for prevent air pollution the government must make smoking areas for smoker. Example in office or in public place must made smoking areas. It can decrease air pollution in big cities. Beside that, we must reforestation. It can increase the oxygen. Also to ride less.

What are five ways to prevent soil pollution?

Five ways to prevent soil pollution are:Do not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.Reuse what you can.RecycleProperly dispose of chemicals, electronics equipment, etc.Properly treat solid waste

Ways to stop air pollution?

ways you can stop air pollution is by not smoking, get smog checks and stop factory smoke and not using your car as often so try to bike more or walk.

What should Indian Government do to prevent Air Pollution?

ban cars and motorbikes

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