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We cannot decrease air pollution, but there are many ways of decreasing the level that it is rising in, for example, recycling.

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Q: What causes air pollution to decrease?
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What causes air pollution to increase or decrease?

The population of a place, numerous vehicles, and a great size in factories.

How can you protect the quality of the air?

decrease pollution

How does our pollution decrease the quality of air?

Pollution effects our air because the particles of pollution gets into our air therefor decreasing the quality of air. We breathe it in and that effects our lungs.

How does air pollution contribute to water pollution?

air evaporates and pollution causes acid rain!

Why does air pollution harm the ozone layer?

Air pollution causes global warming. It then causes ozone depletion.

What are 5 ways in which Air pollution impacts on community?

Air pollution impacts a community in many ways. Air pollution is a health hazard. Air pollution soils buildings. Air pollution negatively impacts tourism. Air pollution causes premature death of plant life. Air pollution also causes aging of buildings and structures.

Which ozone layer is being damaged by air pollution?

Air pollution causes global warming. This then causes ozone depletion.

What are the main causes and effects of air pollution?

The main causes of air pollution are factories and cars that release toxic gases and chemicals into the air. The largest effects of air pollution are smog and acid rain.

How ozone layer being destroyed the air pollution?

Air pollution causes Global warming. This then further causes ozone depletion.

What pollution causes the most damage to marble buildings?

Air pollution

How is ozone layer releted to air pollution?

Ozone layer is related to air pollution. It causes pollutants in the air.

Which gas causes Air pollution?

The gas that causes the biggest amount of air pollution has to be carbon dioxide. Due mainly to emissions from vehicles.