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What are web cameras used for?

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web cameras are used for some websites and programs such as myspace and skype.

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What is IP web camera?

IP Web cameras are used for security reasons, for instance, you can install it in your hallway and connect to a router and in this way to monitor your hallway. Usually it's cheaper to use IP cameras then usual video cameras.

Where can one buy web technology such as CCTV cameras?

Technology such as CCTV cameras are cameras that are used in surveillance. They are used to record video or produce images. They are mainly seen at any kind of electronics stores such as Best Buy.

What are some of the manufactures of webcamera?

Some of the manufacturers of web cameras are HP and Dell. Web cameras ('web cams') are typically small in size and feature diminished resolutions.

What is a weather web cam?

These are basially the cameras or the webcam used to keep record or track of the weather on every part of the world .

What are cameras on computers used for?

Cameras on computers are usually used as tools to allow people to chat with other people online through means such as web cam. It can also be used to take pictures of one self sitting at a computer and may also be used to monitor activity.

How are cameras used today?

cameras are used to take picture of something

Where are cameras used?

cameras can be used in bancks, stors, vacations, or malls.

What is a good camera to use to get on the web?

There are many cameras that one could purchase from the web, such as the Sony Cybershot. Alternatively, one could try cameras from Canon or Nikon, which can be purchased on Amazon.

Where can one purchase a HP web camera?

HP web cameras can be purchased directly from HP. Retailers for the HP web camera include office supply stores and electronics stores. Finally, most large major retailers with an electronics section will include HP web cameras.

Where can one purchase a Logitech cameras?

Logitech is an electronics company which makes a full line of products ranging from the computer mouse to the web cameras known as web cams. Many electronics shops and department stores sell Logitech cameras including Best Buy.

What is the name of the camera system used in stores?

Cameras used in stores are surveillance cameras.

How many cameras are used in ipl cricket?

3 cameras

What did people do before digital cameras?

they used film cameras

What stores sell great cameras?

Best Buy and Amazon have a wide selection of great cameras that you can choose from there are many other places that sell great cameras on the web that you can choose from as well

What 3 ways are cameras used?

Cameras are used for # Taking Pictures # Recording Videos # CCTV

Are elmo document cameras used more in school or work?

I believe the elmo document cameras are used more at work than at school. At school many cameras are not allowed, however at work any cameras are allowed to be used.

Can Logitech web cameras run in Linux?

Yes. Most web cams are supported by the v4l (Video for Linux) module.

What are CCTV cameras used for?

CCTV cameras are used for many things. Typically, CCTV cameras are used for security purposes within various businesses, homes, and other popular places.

Where were web cameras made?

in the old day they would make them and they still do in canada

What is a CCTV camera and how does it compare to other camera types?

CCTV stands for Closed-circuit television and CCTV cameras are mainly used for security surveillance. CCTV cameras can be either video cameras or digital still cameras. The video cameras are usually used for video surveillance of houses or business places. The digital still cameras are used for traffic surveillance.

What universal chargers can be used for video cameras?

There are many universal chargers that can be used for video cameras. Examples of universal chargers that can be used for video cameras includes Dynex chargers and Sony chargers.

What cameras can do video chat on Gmail?

you can use any type of camara EX:a Chinese cell phone,a laptop's web cam ,many other you cant use a real web cam used to shot videos

2d rotation of atriangle in computer graphics?

Most of the web sites use 2D technology as video is not required for them.When we are using the video in the site D technology is required.It is used for movies or movie related site where cameras are used.It is used in Cameras and computer generated movies or animations..

Can Webcams be used as camcorders or microphones or cameras?

on camcorders it can but i dont know about cameras

Do web cameras produce analog video or digital video?

A web camera or "webcam" by definition produces digital video. An analog video camera would require some kind of analog to digital conversion in order to be used for the types of applications that webcams are used for.