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spokes are the thin rods/wires that ties the rim(the outer part which holds the tire) to the hub.(the center part that the wheel axle goes through)

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If a wheel has 36 spokes how many spaces are there between the spokes?

A wheel with 36 spokes will have 36 spaces between the spokes.

If a wheel has 64 spokes how many spaces are there between the spokes?

A wheel with 64 spokes will have 64 spaces between the spokes.

What do you call wheel spokes?

Spokes are spokes, there's no other name for them

A bicycle wheel has 10 spokes How many spaces are between them?

A wheel with 10 spokes will have 10 spaces between the spokes.

Another name for wheel spokes?

Spokes are spokes, there's no other name for them

What are the spokes on a bike?

The spokes on a bike are the thin wire-like rods which attach the rim of a wheel to the hub of the wheel.

How can you increase mechanical advantage of a wheel and axle?

The spokes of a wheel are comparable to levers. Longer spokes give more mechanical advantage. Even in a wheel that is solid, and has no spokes, the greater the diameter, the greater the mechanical advantage.

What are wagon spokes?

"Spokes" are the things that branch out from the centre of wheels to the outside edge of the wheel, to stabilise them. So wagon spokes are the things that branch out of wagon wheel centres (usually wooden, in this case). Bicycle wheels also have spokes.

What if all the spokes on a wheel broke?

Then the wheel would collapse. Which would happen some time Before all the spokes had gone.

Why are spokes filted in the cycle wheel?

So the wheel is flexible but firm

How many spokes are there in the navy blue wheel of National Flag of India?

There are 24 spokes in the Ashoka Chakra (the navy blue wheel in the middle of India's flag).

How is a cnidarian body arranged?

like spokes on a wheel

Why does the wheel have 24 spokes?

because it have 4 sides

Is spoke a noun?

It is a noun is referring to the spokes of a wheel.

What is another name for wheel spokes?

Spokes that are contained within the wheel's circumference, being fixed in a semi-permanent manner to allow the circular movement of the said wheel.

What is a cast spoke wheel?

Most spoked wheels are made out of separate parts assembled together. There's a hub, spokes, and a rim. But with cast spokes the whole wheel is molded in one go, creating hub, spokes and rim out of the same material.

If a wagon wheel has 20 spaces between the spokes how many spokes does it have?

There would be 20 spokes with 20 spaces. Picture each space as if it was a flag and each spoke as a flagpole.

How many spokes are on a 26 inch bike wheel?

This completely depends on the wheel. The most common number of spokes per wheel is 36. Some better wheels have 32. Higher performance wheels have even less.

How many spokes does a bmx bike have?

Depends, most have 36 spokes in each wheel but some have 48. It's also entirely possible to have different numbers of spokes in front and rear.

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