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What are winds that blow in the same directions over large areas of the earth?


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Those winds are called "prevailing winds" ^_^ ~

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Prevailing Winds- Are winds that 'normally' blow in the same direction over large areas of Earth. For instance the prevailing winds across the Island forming the United Kingdom would be south westerlies.

some winds change direction in areas where land is near water because the sea breezes and the land breezes

Not always. Winds carry clouds in all different directions.

Winds are movement of air from high preassure to low preassure areas. Winds can occure on a small scale or a large scale. Land and sea breezes are examples of small scale winds. Large scale winds would include Monsoon winds & Planetary winds.

global winds blow in specific directions.

No, because local winds are only in small areas while prevailing winds are global. Some things are the same, like their both caused by the uneven heating of the Earth.

Due to the rotation of the Earth, winds are generally westerly over large areas. One consequence of this is that western mountains accumulate much more snow, and thus in the long run create fjords on the western coast of several land areas.

The prevailing winds in Ireland are west and south west, though Ireland can get winds from all directions. There are no special names for the winds in Ireland.

Primary cause? Differences in air temperatures (causing differences in air pressure, leading to winds as the system tries to 'fill' the lower pressure areas with air from the higher pressure areas.)

global winds generally blow from specific directions over long distances

Winds that blow steadily from specific directions over long distances.

A polar wind is a plasma fountain that is a outflow of ionized gas that flows from the polar areas of earth to the upper atmosphere. It is a combination effect of the surface winds and solar interaction.

Winds tend to move from opposite the directions that seagulls fly. Because seagulls tend to fly from low pressure cells to areas with higher atmospheric pressure, the direction of the wind generally flows against the flow of seagulls.

Polar winds. If they come from both directions at the same time they are known as Bi-polar winds.

It can be found in areas where temperature changes often or where air of different temps and densities collide. These create high winds, often tornadoes and hurricanes. That is where high winds can be found but wind occurs everywhere along the surface of the earth.

weak winds because doldrums are calm winds on the earth.

Because your mom is fat and when she farts it comes out two directions

The answer is in the word, Westerlies blow out of the West.

A primary cause for surface winds on the earth is the Earths Rotation.

No. A monsoon has more to do with rain than with wind. A monsoon is a seasonal weather pattern found in some tropical areas in which most of the rainfall occurs in one season. Monsoon rains can be torrential, but are not necessarily accompanied by strong winds. The fastest winds on earth occur in tornadoes.

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