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There are 1760 yards in a mile

The average diameter of a hurricane's hurricane-force winds is 100 miles.

That makes it 176000 yards across.

(Note the slower winds can be up to 400 miles across.)

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Q: How many yards is a hurricane across?
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Which is larger a hurricane or a tornado?

A hurricane is much larger than a tornado. A typical hurricane is a few hundred miles across. Most tornadoes are no more than a few hundred yards wide.

How many yards across a football field?

A football field across is 53.3 yards.

How many miles across can a hurricane be?

The average hurricane is 300 miles across. The smallest hurricane recorded was Cyclone Tracy at about 60 miles across, the largest was Typhoon Tip at over 1300 miles across.

How many yards across a square mile?

It is 2489 yards.

How many yards across an official soccer goal?

8 yards

Is a hurricane or tornado several yards in diameter?

A tornado is typically several yards to several hundred yards in diameter. A hurricane is several hundred miles in diameter.

How many miles across was the biggest hurricane?

Typhoon Tip was over 1,300 miles across.

What is the diameter of a hurricane and of its eye?

A typical hurricane is about 300 miles across while a typical hurricane eye is 20 to 40 miles across.

What is the prepositional phrase in the following sentence The reporter said the hurricane stormed across the land.?

across the land stormed across the hurricane The reporter said

How many yards are in a 50 yard radius circle?

There is a circular pond whose diameter is 50 yards long, f you walk around this pond, how many yards do you walk?

What will happened to electricity when there is hurricane?

Electricity will probably be knocked out across a large area when a hurricane hits.

How large can the eye of a hurricane actually be?

The typical eye of a hurricane is about 20 to 40 miles across. A very large eye can be as much as 200 miles across.